Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oatmeal Lowers Cholesterol, but raises my Blood Pressure!

So this is how the story goes; Brian and I were upstairs and the kids were downstairs (nothing to crazy about this story yet this is not an unusual occurrence at our house, but I guess today was different) I was checking my e-mail and few other things, this probably took maybe 5 minutes. As I left our bedroom to go downstairs, I thought to myself that things were eerily quiet and as I rounded the corner and came down the hall, I soon discovered the reason.
Does this look like a guilty face or what?

I guess I only have myself to blame, I was the one who didn't get the latch on the lower cabinet fully closed after I retrieved my granola for my yogurt this morning. Still, I am not sure what possessed Grey to grab the tub of Oatmeal commence in making this beautiful mess. And of course it wasn't the old fashioned oats with the big pieces, it had to be the quick oats that are tiny and covered with a fine oatmeal powder.

When I asked Will what happened he of course ratted out his younger brother, but was all to excited and not at all remorseful that now they got to drive their cars in a fantastic "Snow" storm
Luckily I was able to hire a fantastic clean-up crew (I think we were vacuuming for a good half hour) Thanks BOYS!!!!! At least Brian was there and reminded me that these are the moments when we just laugh and grab the camera so we can remember these funny moments.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Will!!!

So, last year Will had a lightning McQueen cake, and this year he requested Tow Mater for his birthday. Good to see that the "Cars" addiction is still alive and well. Brian and I stayed up until 12:30 this morning getting him finished, bet we are pleased with our cake decorating skills. I will post more pics after his party this evening, but I was so excited about his cake that I had to post it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Only Six Weeks to GO!

Whew, it is not like I am counting down or anything :) (and hardly showing might I add) Thanks to my sister Katie who showed me how to curl my hair with a flat iron, I can actually curl my hair and it will stay put for longer than an hour! Brian had his fancy banquet for the 3rd year residents tonight at the Grand America Hotel. It is something that we look forward to every year and why do we look forward to this night you ask. One reason could be that it is a rare chance to get dressed up and go on a very nice (free) date, or a chance to get out and be social with all of Brian's co-workers, all of these are fantastic reasons, but the main reason we look forward to it is the big old fat hunk of Fillet Mignon that they serve, and this year did not disappoint!!! Wow... it was so tasty! It really is kinda fun to have an excuse to get all dressed up and go out. And I just have to say that th bathrooms there are so amazing (you know, as far as bathrooms go) You could hold an entire conference in there sheesh. However, they weren't quite as nice as the bathrooms at the Bank of America Tower in Seattle, but that is a whole other story! Yes apparently I consider myself a professional bathroom inspector in my spare time, but I am 34 weeks pregnant, I spend a lot of time in there! Okay, this post is really not about bathrooms, and I was stuck on that subject for way too long. Back to more important matters, What are we going to name this baby girl!?! Wow, we just cannot decide on a name and we really don't have much time left. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My current favorite is "Shayne" (yes, we are having a girl, but I love the boyish name for a girl) So Brian is not so sure that he likes this name, and he does not love the spelling and he is not proud of the fact that I got the name from a "Hussy" on the show "The Bachelor" But I haven't given up on it yet! I am just hoping that we don't come up with anything else and then we will just have to go with that one, right Bri? All suggestions are welcome, please help us find a cute name for this baby girl!!! Anyhow, we had a lot of fun on our date and since I NEVER curl my hair, I had to take a picture.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Time to Stock Up!!!

Hey, just wanted to let you all know about this fantastic sale, if you haven't heard about it already. Definitely a great time to stock up for b-day gifts and 4 yourself. They also have several tables with things that are 75% off and their travel size body sprays, lotions, and shower gels are only 1$. Needless to say I spent way too much money there :)