Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday Duds

I love getting dressed up on Easter Sunday! The kids looked so handsome and adorable. Unfortunately, our photographer was a small table so this is about as good as it gets :)
I fell in love with Will's suit. He looks so grown up in it though.... he is getting to big.
Morgan and her Daddy are buds. She always asks me, "Mom, where's mdaddy?" (I wanted to spell it like she says it "my and daddy" are combined to mdaddy) I love to watch them hang out together. Whenever he wears a tie she always grabs it to give him a kiss. So sweet.
Who can resist these freckles? And that sweet high pitched voice? I sure can't.... wrap all of that adorableness up in a pinstripe shirt and tie and we have complete irresistableness...... (Yea, not a word, but it should be)Poor Mo was not feeling well on Easter. She was able to get dressed up for Sacrament meeting though, so she was happy. Even feeling sick she looked adorable anyhow.

I love me some Momo snuggles. She is so sweet and sassy.
And lets not forget the adorableness factor of the Po. He was quite finished with the picture taking....Even handsome.

Monday, April 25, 2011

PJ's 1st Easter

PJ has been the least documented child. Poor kid. I promised myself I would not do that, but alas, PJ's picture has much to be desired so I tried to make up for it in one day :). I am trying little buddy! Let's all sit and reflect on how irresistible this little guy is right now.
Here he is so stoked to color dem eggs! Let me at em
He tried to eat it, so I had to take it away...he was so sad... Bad Momma.
So happy for his cookies in his basket.
He loved all of fake grass. It is tastier than the real grass.
These kisses are my absolute favorite right now. I can't get enough of this kid.

Easter Baskets

Just a few Easter highlights..Me and the egg hunters.
Grey is so happy he found his eggs, I think he almost cried with excitement.
Mo is loving her guitar
William has not stopped playing with his Frisbee (except for the rain) and I have already had to fetch it off the roof once.
I love the blur in this picture showing Grey furiously strumming his guitar.
I think the Easter Bunny did good.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PJ has been taking some acting classes.....

PJ has been cracking me up lately with his drama..... he has been taking some acting classes and he is ready for his big debut... Enjoy. Sorry it is a little long, but it is all funny to me :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

He wanted to be a turtle...

William's friend was having an animal themed birthday party and everyone was supposed to choose an animal and dress up. I figured we could pull out an old Halloween costume or something, but Will had other plans. He wanted to be a turtle. It was a skating party, and "a turtle would be a "cool" costume to skate around in" So, we went to work. My friend Amy painted his face and I took one of our sleds and covered it in a green tablecloth and glued on green paper plates for the shell and voila..... one pretty cool looking turtle.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cupcake war!

Cupcake war 2011
This will need to be a semi-annual event, I am thinking :)

My friend Kara had a fantastic idea to have a cupcake war. I was so excited, but narrowing down a recipe was hard, waaaaay too many good looking cupcakes. I decided to go with the s'mores cupcake because I have always wanted to use our kitchen torch. We were supposed to make a large cupcake for show, and mini ones to eat.
S'moresPresentation wise, I LOVED mine! And using the torch was so dang fun! The mini version didn't taste quite as good as the large one, but they were sure fun to make. I made the marshmallow cream frosting from scratch. That was fun too! You just heat egg whites and sugar to 160 degrees on a double boiler, then whip it.

Tara made
Better than "certain extracurricular activities" cupcake
She was reluctant to enter with her "from a box baking skills" but it was yuumm!
Heidi made Key Lime Pie (this one was my favorite)
Kara made Caramel Apple Cupcakes...these were soooooo good too, They were B's favorite
Kara, Tara, Heidi, and meeeee
TJ, Chris, B, Ryan I know I took a better pic, but must have uploaded the wrong one. At least B looks good :)

Brian kept asking me if I would feel bad if he didn't vote for mine, which I didn't, because mine wasn't even my favorite, but he was a little worried the evening would cause marital strife in the neighborhood. I am already planning ahead for next time. I think I am going to go with the ginger/lemon cupcake.....Then maybe I will get my hubb'y vote...