Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Sunday Duds

I love getting dressed up on Easter Sunday! The kids looked so handsome and adorable. Unfortunately, our photographer was a small table so this is about as good as it gets :)
I fell in love with Will's suit. He looks so grown up in it though.... he is getting to big.
Morgan and her Daddy are buds. She always asks me, "Mom, where's mdaddy?" (I wanted to spell it like she says it "my and daddy" are combined to mdaddy) I love to watch them hang out together. Whenever he wears a tie she always grabs it to give him a kiss. So sweet.
Who can resist these freckles? And that sweet high pitched voice? I sure can't.... wrap all of that adorableness up in a pinstripe shirt and tie and we have complete irresistableness...... (Yea, not a word, but it should be)Poor Mo was not feeling well on Easter. She was able to get dressed up for Sacrament meeting though, so she was happy. Even feeling sick she looked adorable anyhow.

I love me some Momo snuggles. She is so sweet and sassy.
And lets not forget the adorableness factor of the Po. He was quite finished with the picture taking....Even handsome.


Katie Jane said...

Seriously, your family is just stinking adorable. I love them too much and I can't wait to party tomorrow!! Woot woot!

Rachel said...

That small table is a stinking good photographer. Everyone looks so cute!
I love the daddy daughter pic and how she is clutching his tie. D.A.R.L.I.N.G.