Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save me a piece of that corn!

Please tell me you have seen Nacho Libre, if you have not, my hilarious title will not make any sense. I was feeding Mo some corn today and she wasn't all that into it, so I made the "pssst" sound to get her attention and she started laughing her head of. It was so random and funny. Her brothers got a kick out of it and we all sounded like a bunch of snakes sitting at the table making her giggle. It was pretty cute. Now for a house update, for all of you who voted for house # 2 aka Brian's house, you lose :) not because of the vote, but someone else made an offer on it and we didn't feel compelled to make one yet. Bri is a little sad, but not too sad. We are sure the perfect house is still out there (mainly because mine is still available :) We will keep you posted!
For some reason I felt inclined to include this adorable nakedness in my post, she loves the tub so so so so so much!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm in LOVE, I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it!

I am basically still on an adrenaline high from looking at houses yesterday! This is better than drugs (So they tell me) So, we still want to wait a couple months before we put an offer in on a house but we found 3 houses that we LOVE!!! Unfortunately, Brian's favorite and my favorite are 2 different houses. What to do. Both houses are AMAZING and I don't really think we can go wrong, but we thought we would post pics and do a little online poll. We will not tell you who's is who's as not to sway your votes. We need your votes and opinion as homeowners, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, patriot Americans, it is your duty to help us select a house that will unify us as a family! Plus if my house doesn't win, this poll will not be used due to margin of error being to large!

Pro's-Landscaped, covered patio facing east, sweet kitchen with awesome cabinets and granite counter tops, Laundry room with sink off of garage, bigger master bedroom, bath, and closet. Layout of master bath is unique, nice neighborhood, air conditioning

Con's- Small pantry, basement layout funky, smaller yard, busier street, different carpet, smaller family room and dining area, street on a slope

House #2
Pro's: Beautiful view, large family room, large dining area, cool arches throughout, formal sitting area, higher quality finishing, large yard, neighborhood more spread out, lots of natural sunlight, gorgeous front door, nicely laid out basement, cold storage in basement, nearby ravine, located on quiet end cul-de-sac, granite counter tops with accenting granite tiles throughout

Con's: Drive through older neighborhood to access, not landscaped, more yard work, maybe higher utilities, covered patio facing west, driveway facing east, nearby ravine

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ta dah! (imagine WALL-E voice)

I have to give a huge shout out to BAKERELLA and my friend Kylene for the idea for my hubby's bday cake. Red Velvet Cake Balls. I was so excited to try these when I saw her post. I know I go a little overboard with birthday cakes, but it is one of my favorite things to do, and I had been racking my brain for an idea. These are super easy and turn out so cute. The boys had so much fun helping me with this cake, that I had to post all of the pictures. Plus I spent an entire day making this cake, I figure it deserved a proper tribute (Especially since it is now long gone and currently digesting, making it's way through my GI tract) I did cheat a little. Bakerella made the heart shaped box out of fondant, and when I went to Michael's and saw the price of fondant, I settled for making it out of red foam. Maybe next time.

Will had a lot of fun helping me make the balls
I am seriously shocked that my children did not puke chocolate and sprinkles last night.
They were as proud as I was of our creation.
Bear was in it for the sprinkles
Brian's favorite cake is rainbow party chip, so that is what the heart shaped base was made out of, and then I made the foam box to fit, and then stacked the chocolate cake balls on top.
Here is the final product.
Not only are they cute, mmmmmm.... so good (Sorry KT Jane)

Here is my baking and decorating crew with the b-day boy.
They looked so good, Mo wanted to sneak in a taste.
Awe, he makes that cake look even better.
Yes, I am so proud of myself. Try this little treat out, it was so fun and a definite crowd pleaser.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One year older and wiser too......

That's right one more year and a few more gray hairs. At least he wears them well, am I right? Sorry ladies, he is taken.

It's a little thing called Idaho pride. I cannot even tell you how excited Bri is to get back to his home state here in a few months. He is an Idaho boy through and through.
Yes, this is the man in charge of taking care of our children.
This is how Bri's hair looked when I met him.
I did not understand the potential! We like to call this one MOSES.
and this is somewhere in between. He is always a man of many faces, or hair-do's I should say.
We LOVE you babe! Happy Birthday