Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve was everything I wanted it to be. This year was the 1st official Christmas at home. We have always been at relatives on Christmas and I was so excited to have one at our home. According to the kids, it was the "best Christmas Eve ever!"
Here are the reasons why:
1-Grandma and Papa Merrill came over that morning and we went to McDonalds for lunch (Awesome right?!?)
2-Grandma and Papa Fulks came over that evening and spent the night.
3-We had "THE BEST" Christmas Eve dinner. Brian and I had worked so hard on it and it turned out perfect!
4-We drove around the neighborhood before bedtime to see the lights and My bear leaned his head on my shoulder, wrapped his arms around me and whispered "Merry Christmas Mom" next William whispered "Merry Christmas Mom and Dad" and then Mo boomed from her chair "Merry Christmas Mom and Daddy, Merry Chrstmas Grammy, Merry Christmas Grandpa!" I don't think I will ever forget it......

You could taste the excitement in the room as we waited to go downstairs......

Santa FINALLY brought Mo her "Dragon Movie!" AND suprised her with a Tinkerbell doll. She was in Heaven.

Tea Time with Tink
Pj's favorite part of the day!

William was genuinely excited for his Leapster, and quite frankly hasn't put it down. (Except for the occasional Saber battle with Grey.)

It was such a fun, chill, day at home. Brian only had to run to the hospital a couple times during the day, so he was able to enjoy it too. I HAD to post a pic of what Brian got me for Christmas. It was a TOTAL suprise! I really had no clue, he did such a good job hiding it. He got me some great clothes, a new coat and...........................clip on hair extensions! I love them so much, I had to post a pic. They are so much know since I have the thinnest, saddest hair, and could never hope to actually grow out my hair this long on my own!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I know, I know......most of you had to re-check your envelope to see if something was missing to your card this year. This is it. Just an adorable picture of the family. No bells, no whistles. Needless to say, 4 kids is still making me quite the under-achiever this year. Simplifying my life this year has been a necessity, so that I can actually enjoy the holiday season!
So, Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Will and his friend Faith lost their 1st tooth approximately 2 weeks apart and they are still SOOOOOOOOO excited

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

we thought this day would never come!

All of Will's friends have had birthdays, all off Wills friends have lost a tooth. He was definitely starting to feel a little left out. So, he took matters into his own hands. Quite literally. He has wiggled that tooth relentlessly. And last night, with a little help from Dad, he lost his much anticipated first tooth. Brian had pulled it out but was pretending it was still there and Will didnt even know it was gone. It was pretty funny.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stitches take 2

Flashback almost 2 years ago, to Jan 9, 2009. William stumbled going up the stairs @ McDonald's play place and needed stitches.
Now Flash forward to today, December 15, 2010. William was running around during recess when he stumbled and hit his face on the stairs of the slide.

Yep, stitches. In the EXACT same spot! The poor kid needs to stay away from stairs while on a playground, or play area! The scars Meet at the exact same spot on his lip, making one long scar. Kinda funny and ironic. Luckily Brian was home for lunch and was able to take him back to the clinic and help get him all stitched up.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talk about wild weather!?!

We had a blizzard in November.... and now it is December and we have green grass and sunshine......... lots of warm sunshine. I don't know what the official high was yesterday, but our van temp at noon said it was 56 degrees!
I enjoyed it...... the kids enjoyed it.............. and as you can see, the neighborhood enjoyed it.

Momo especially enjoyed it. No jacket! Morgan HATES having to wear coats and jackets and yetserday, it was okay.

And today it is pouring rain...... And we are ready for snow again.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Santa stopped by our ward party and the kids were thrilled. I thought for sure Mo would bail but the jingle bells and the prospect of getting a candy cane were too hard to resist.
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Trip to see the lights

Even though we have moved away, it has still been a tradition to go down and see the lights on Temple Square. This year it was a blast. We listened to Christmas music the whole way and the kids sang along. It was about 40 degrees in SLC so it was such a pleasant night to be out. The kids were so excited and were running to see the different lights. My Parents and Sister Katie and her family came down with us and it was a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Morgan was so excited to wear this dress, and my butterfly headband (which she broke :) and go to church and "no cry nursery." She looked so darling. And today, she didn't cry. I think it was the dress.

I thought it was so cute that William wanted to have a pic with his sis. I am glad they are friends.


The day after Thanksgiving we went sledding. Good times.

Morgan didn't even want to sled. She just wanted to hit the playground with Papa.

PJ loved being outside. Cold Schmold
Grey chose rolling as his favored method of getting down the hill

I Love Turkey on Thanksgiving!

I can't say enough, how wonderful Thanksgiving was. Most of the Merrill's crammed into my Mom & Dad's house, tons of cousins, tons of Merrill girls, and tons of laughs. I am so thankful for this guy right here. I know, I know.....but I am. He is the best.
Let's just analyze this picture. I had one of them all smiling, but I thought this one waaay better. William is being mr. cool, Mo is cheesing, PJ could care less, Grey is....I have no idea what he is, but it's funny. And I just Love my Mom and Dad. So thankful for them....
Grey and William wanted their pics with dinner. They are so funny. I am thankful for them too.

Thanksgiving was a blast.