Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stitches take 2

Flashback almost 2 years ago, to Jan 9, 2009. William stumbled going up the stairs @ McDonald's play place and needed stitches.
Now Flash forward to today, December 15, 2010. William was running around during recess when he stumbled and hit his face on the stairs of the slide.

Yep, stitches. In the EXACT same spot! The poor kid needs to stay away from stairs while on a playground, or play area! The scars Meet at the exact same spot on his lip, making one long scar. Kinda funny and ironic. Luckily Brian was home for lunch and was able to take him back to the clinic and help get him all stitched up.


Katie Jane said...

Are you sure some kid didn't try to beat him up at school? Word on the street is that might have happened ;)

Rachel said...

Crazy that it is in the same spot. boys boys boys!

mort said...

Ironic I would say! HaHA my verification word is "mates" as in scars that are "mates" ha ha I crack myself up! I am glad that the blood on my hands was from a kid I know, tell him I'm so sorry!

Kylene said...

Poor little guy! What luck to have it in the exact same spot. He still looks pretty darn cute though!