Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A trip to the Park Take 2

I am apparently a glutton for punishment but the boys and I needed to get out and have some fun today so yes, we attempted the park once again. I am glad to say that today was definitely a different experience. Teenie only pooped once, again, next to a dumpster, SWEEEET! No dog attacks or potty accidents or threats from Will that he is going to leave forever. We had so much fun, we spent most of the evening running up and down the hill on the east side of the park. Will at one point lost all control of his body and his torso went flying down the hill a little faster than his legs could carry him, and Grey was being visciously attacked by a pack of gnats, but other than that, it was just good times! I took these pics of them dancing at the top of the hill.Morgan once again slept through this uneventful trip to the park, but I finally got a picture of my little bubble maker in action. For as often as she does this she always seems to suck them in before I can get a pic.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why do I try?

So Wednesday night I decided since the weather has been so beautiful that I would take the kids to the park after dinner. I was having one of those "I really am going to try and be a nicer Mom and have fun with my kids" moments. So this is basically how it went down. I got all of the kids, Teenie included all ready to go. We hadn't walked more that a block and Teenie decides that she as found the perfect spot to poop. Don't you worry, I have my plastic bag and I am totally prepared and we are even right next to a dumpster, what luck. After this quick potty stop, we were on our way again. Just as we got to the entrance of our complex, Teenie decided that she needed to poop again! Nope, I am not THAT prepared, so I had to leave her "gift" (which I HATE because I always critisize people that don't pick up after their dogs, because it gives responsible pet owners a bad image.) Anyhow,off we go again we finally make it to the park and just as we get there, some boisterous teenagers are playing fetch with their dog who is obviously not on a leash (alright, they were just there having fun, but their complete disregard to the on-leash rule lent to my terrible evening, so today, they are deemed boisterous!) The dog sees Teenie and is off to the races and pounces all over her ( I am sure the dog was just trying to be playful, but it is never fun prying someone elses dog off of your terrified pooch) They appologize quickly and take the dog away. We recover quickly and finish crossing the grass to get to the park. At this point, I had to park the stroller and help Will get his bike across the grass, when suddenly the dog strikes again and poor Teenie is trying to get this blasted dog off her as best she can until I get there to rescue her. (We may need to work on her self defense skills a little) The kids scramble to get their dog again (yes, they are now kids, no longer boistrous teenagers!) Whew! We made it to the park! And this kids run to go and play. After a couple minutes, Will decided tht he needs to go potty, so I call to Grey to have him come with us to the bathroom. Will at this point decides that he can hold it and doesn't want to go. I tell him that we all are going to the bathroom, and he throws a fit and walks away to go an play. So what do I do, I grab him and have to haul him over to the bench to time out. I am stilltrying to get Grey to come over to me so that we can go to the bathroom, but he keeps saying "Nope, Im good" (obviously having too much fun that he doesn't want to have to stop an waste time with the potty) While I am trying to get Grey over, Will proceeds to punch and pinch my arm, because he is mad that he is in time-out. So just as I get up to physically get Grey, (who is now holding his crotch) He says Mom, I need to pee and proceeds to do so right there next to the monkey bars. I go and grab Grey and put him in the back of the stroller and tell them that we are going home. Of course this does not go over well with Will and he acts as expected and is crying and doesn't want to ride his bike home. So I finally convince him to get on his bike (and by convince I mean, I told him that it was either ride the bike home or leave it at the park for another little boy who would appreciate it) and we head across the grass once again. I get to the sidewalk and turn to help Will with his bike who is now screaming hysterics because he thought I was leaving him and he was stuck on his bike in the grass. We get to the sidewalk and head home, all along the way, Will continues his story of how he is going to leave and that I am stupid, he apparently wasn't getting the reaction that he was hoping for and thought that I couldn't hear him so he started to go slower and turned his head toward me to make sure that I could hear him proclaim that I am stupid. Keeping my cool, I just keep folowing him with Grey and MJ in the stroller. Just as we hit the entrace to Tuscany again Teenie of course decided that her last 2 poop stops weren't enough and poops for the 3rd time!!! (in the 5 years I have owned this dog never has she pooped 3 times in a 20 minute time span!) At this point I couldn't give a crap that I didn't have anything to pick it up with and trugged on. Some neighbors saw me with the baby and decided to come say hi, at this point I just hope they don't look down and see Grey's wet pants. After a quick hello we head on the homestretch towards our townhouse. Just as we are rounding the corner Will takes the corner too fast and crashes his bike and scrapes his knee. So close! The wailing begins yet again. After I pick him up and brush him off, we finally made it back home where after a quick bath, the boys went straight to bed. Needless to say, I don't think I am going to take the kids to the park by myself for awhile.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morgan's Blessing Day

We blessed Morgan this past Sunday and it was such a fun day. Brian gave such a sweet blessing and then we ditched the rest of church and went to my sis-in-laws house (thanks again Stacy!) and had a fantastic brunch. I was just glad that MJ didn't cry during her blessing because she didn't feel that great. We all came home after and crashed until 5:00 pm. I guess we all were a little worn out.
Here is the proud Daddy and his little girl.
Luckily, most of our family was able to make it. Here is everyone who stood in the circle.
We are a happy family!
The power of the Priesthood! Baby blessings are hard work! Brian's Dad is on the left and my sweet Pa is on the right. LOVE YOU! I will remove this pic once I receive my check in the mail :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids say the darndest things...

"It burped me!"
So this is what Grey always says when he burps and it just cracks me up! Plus, this is a bonus picture. Don't you love the Elmo undies and the crocs! Grey has been potty training and I often let him run around in his undies because he could get them off fast when he needs to go but apparently you are not fully dressed until you add the crocs.
I just love his eyes in this pic guzzling down his soda."Dad, we shared the diarrhea today"
This is what Will said the other day when they got home from seeing Kung Fu panda. We were so confused for a minute until we realized that he meant Dr. Pepper, not diarrhea. For some reason, Will has been calling Dr. Pepper diarrhea lately. Now that we know what he means, it is so funny when he says it, we will correct him soon, but right now it makes for a great laugh around our house.
Morgan didn't say anything funny, she is just cute!

Friday, September 5, 2008

LIttle MoJo in her Blessing Dress

Yes, she definitely is the most beautiful thing on the planet hands down! I am know I am biased, but I can't get enough of this little girl. I took this pic when I was trying on her blessing dress and added the background in photoshop. She has had a fever for the past 24 hours and I miss that little smile. She has been so sad and I hate that I can't do anything for her. I hope that she feels better by Sunday because we are planning on blessing her. I am definitely getting used to having a girl around the house, it is so fun messing with her hair and clothes.