Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morgan's Blessing Day

We blessed Morgan this past Sunday and it was such a fun day. Brian gave such a sweet blessing and then we ditched the rest of church and went to my sis-in-laws house (thanks again Stacy!) and had a fantastic brunch. I was just glad that MJ didn't cry during her blessing because she didn't feel that great. We all came home after and crashed until 5:00 pm. I guess we all were a little worn out.
Here is the proud Daddy and his little girl.
Luckily, most of our family was able to make it. Here is everyone who stood in the circle.
We are a happy family!
The power of the Priesthood! Baby blessings are hard work! Brian's Dad is on the left and my sweet Pa is on the right. LOVE YOU! I will remove this pic once I receive my check in the mail :)


PrincessKatie said...

She looked so gorgeous on sunday and what a special day for your family. I am glad that everything went well. Missed you in Relief Society!!!

Brian and Cristeen said...

Congratulations...guess "MJ" is now official! Looks like you my have had one of those blessing circles that went around the chapel! Your family is growing so fast and so cute! We miss you!

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures! It was nice to meet ya at Tucanos. Congrats!