Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mostly Excited, This Can't be Real!

Nope, it just doesn't feel real yet. It has been a very long day full of irritation and disappointment, but oh so worth it when I got to step into my "mostly finished" house. I will post pics of the house and yard later when it is actually finished (serenity now) These pics are the best I can do for tonight. At least we have carpet and tile :)I didn't get a good pic of my appliances, but the kitchen is mostly done (no backsplash.. ... grrrrr)

Once again, I was in a hurry and this pic doesn't do the fireplace and mantle justice. I LOVE IT!
This is the office.
Laundry ( I know, self explanatory)
Master bathroom sinks (no grout or mirrors...... double grrrrr)
Master shower some grout, still full of junk and not finished but looking good (triple grrr)
This is one of my favorite rooms, the boys room. This is the bonus room over the garage

Teenie weenie was making herself right at home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You're a Grand Old FLag!

Will's new favorite song is "Your a Grand Old Flag." We saw 7 flags on our way to preschool. Guess how many times I heard that song? Plus 2 extra times to show me how fast he can sing it. Love him:)I took this pic last year after the 4th of July parade. He would not put the thing down. I guess it is only fitting

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today Morgan......

1. Army crawled from the boys room into our room to find me
2. Pulled herself up to standing in the bath tub
3. Ate 1/3 of a roast burger at Arby's and would not stop screaming until I let her drink my soda.

Too big for her britches!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Llittle Cuppy Cakes

My latest experiment in the kitchen stemmed from the infamous cake balls that we all know and love. I had seen them made into cupcakes (yes Heather, you inspire me) and thought they would be so cute, so I decided to give it a try. I didn't want have to deal with dipping 2 times so I decided to first dip them in vanilla almond bark, add sprinkles and then put them into cupcake liners filled with chocolate almond bark. Here is the cupcake line-up. It took several tries before I got all of the logistics right. At first the cake balls were too big, then I made them smaller, but didn't use enough chocolate, and so on until we get the perfect mini cuppy cake.

Cupcake line up

Oh, cute! I had to take a pic with my hand so you could see how itty bitty mini they are and that somehow makes them even cuter.
A whole bunch of cuppy cakes, seriously, my mouth is watering again. I spent so much time on these little monsters that I just sat and held them at the luncheon. I knew that the second I put them down, the kids would swarm and they would be gone. I really wanted to cry, they were my little mini cuppy cake babies. But alas, they served their purpose well.
Why go to all this work you might ask? Here she is, and worth every minute. (too bad she didn't get to enjoy them)
And now that we have cried over losing my cuppy cakes, we need some comic relief. My husband is always good for that.
Brian is working on his "Sympathy" skills.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teachers Rock!!


Did you know that it is Teacher Appreciation Week? Well, I did not until I got an order to make a wrapper for it. Teachers rock and are SOOOOOOOOOO under appreciated. So if you have a teacher out there that needs to feel the love, this is a cute and inexpensive way to do it. I think that I am going to make some for Will's pre-school. If any of you would like to make some, let me know and I can send you the file. Just let me know if you want the name of the school or the name of the teacher on the front.