Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Totally Random

I have a few random moments that deserve documentation.

1- Grey recently discovered his "nickels"
2- These are apparently the faces I make when I am trying to get Morgan to do her "sniffer" face. hopefully I will have documentation of that soon. I am amazed that I don't make her cry. Just a little bit scary. I thought Bri was taking pics of Mo, so I wasn't holding anything back :)
3-This is aforementioned darling baby at 8 months old who does a hilarious "sniffer" face when you can get her to cooperate.
4- Grey really wanted me to take his picture, so here it is.
5- Will is super silly (I have no idea who he gets that from)
6- I felt like I needed to encompass the entire family in this random post so I flipped through my pics to find the most recent pic of Brian and this is what you get. Not sure why he took it, but we love him.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will's Aquarium field trip

This Monday we were able to go to the Sandy Aquarium with William's preschool class. Greyson was overjoyed that he got to go with Will to "school at the aquarium." Since I was braving the aquarium by myself, I debated whether or not, I should take the stroller, backpack or snugli for Mo. Hmmm. I was worried there would be too many people for a stroller, Bri thought it might be inconvenient to have to bend over and manage the kids(and by kids, I mean Greyson) with the backpack on, so the snugli was the winner. BIG mistake! How could this possibly be a mistake you ask? She is not that big, fairly content with most things, and loves to chill with her Mom. The problem was that her sweet little feet dangled in just the right spot that she was kicking me inappropriately the ENTIRE time! Ouch! Okay, back to the Aquarium. Here is Will and his class and the most amazing teacher "Miss Heather"I just gotta say that it is so funny to watch him interact with the other kids and his teacher. He is too big, I cannot get over it.
I have never been to an aquarium before, and even though itwas small, it was very cool. There is a tank where you can pet the sting rays. NONE of the children wanteds to pet them and frankly ever since crocodile hunter I was too scared to touch them even knowing they had taken out the barb thing. They are stinking cool to watch swim. Grey loved to watch them.

Don't you love Will's face. This is about the time the shark swam by. It was a little strange watching a fish swim by that is biger than your child.
a big fish.
These little guys were funny to watch because they would swim with their eyes above water.

Grey hung out at this tank forever! Can you guess why?
Will is so silly with his friends, it was seriously hilarious watching him play with them.
The area that cracked me up was the "fish you can find in Utah" I am glad that I payed money to see a rainbow trout.

I can breathe again.....

Whew, I am done! I have decided to put my design skills to the test. I was recently contacted by to design some personalized birthday party candy bar wrappers for them. Yikes! I was so excited, but frankly quite terrified. It has been so exciting, but such a challenge. This is was my first time trying to be creative with a deadline. I feel like a total rookie and learned a lot (mostly that I have a lot to learn). These little designs took over my life for the past several weeks. I want to give a special thanks to my hubby for all his help, because without him, I would not have gotten them done in time (and had a lot less sleep:) Now, I am pleased to announce that they are DONE! I can resume normal life again, like going to the park with my friends and to lunch with my awesome sis-in-law, and getting to bed before 1:00 am! I won't post them all here, but if you want to check them out you can go to my project blog and I think that the party favor line on fun and sassy launches on april 1st, I can't wait to actually see them online. So if you haven't seen me around, this is why, but good news.................I have time to play again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cute little piggies

I was so excited to wake up to the sun shining today. It feels like spring and it makes me so happy. My sis-in-law Becky gave Morgan the most adorable outfit with capri's that I have been dying to put on her and what goes better with a cute new outfit than a fresh coat of polish on your toes. With that thought, I decided to take on the task of painting my little Mo's piggies. She is quite the wiggler, but with only a few smudges and smears, we got the job done, just don't look too close.
She was quite fascinated with her little painted piggies.
I can't even believe that my little lady is 8 months old. I absolutely love this smile on her face...... "hi Mom"
Having a girl is way too much fun!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I just had to post that I now have greater respect for my children's suffering when they have an ear infections. The past week, Will and Morgan had an ear infection, then a day later Grey and now 2 days later I HAVE AN EAR INFECTION! I was bawling like a baby and begged Bri to wake up early to take a look so I could get on an antibiotic. I had no freaking idea, that first of all, an adult can get an ear infection. 2nd that it is rediculously painful! I seriously could not function and poor Will just stared at me with a confused look on his face and asked "why are you laughing and crying?" I told him I was crying cuz it hurt so bad and laughing because it was kinda funny and ironic. I then apoloized for making him wait 1 1/2 hrs for Bri to wake up to check out his ears. (he had also been crying and his ear hurt, but I just figured that he could wait) I couldn't even wait 45 minutes! Yep, I am a bad Mom. I can finally say that now 4 hrs later, I am finally starting to feel some relief. I don't know if it is the 2 naproxin, and 2 tylenol I took or the antibiotic, but all I can say is it is about freaking time. I seriously wanted to die. So there you have it. When you are suspecting that your kid has an ear infection, load them with drugs and get them to Brian or your local doctor as fast as you can.

It is now 11:00 pm and my eardrum just RUPTURED!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you smarter than your older brother?

I love my little William. He is so full of information and cracks me up with his logic. I was working on the computer and this was a conversation between Will and Grey:

Grey: Hoooonk Hoonk (loud fire engine honk)
Will: Grey, fire engines don't honk, they use their siren.
Grey: Yes they do!
Will: No they don't!
Grey: Yes they doooooooooo! (starting to get upset)
Will: uh uh.
Mom: Will, fire engines honk.
Will: No they don't
Mom: Yes, they do!
Will: No they don't (under his breath)
Mom: Will I know for a fact that fire engines honk.
Will: Nope
Mom: Fine, I will prove it to you, (as I pull up youtube to find a clip of a fire engine honking)

Grey: Very excited to see videos of the fire engines jumps down and sits next to me.
Sure enough, I find a clip of one honking.
Mom: See, Greyson was right
Grey: play it again, I want to see it again.
Mom: Sure, let's hear it again (I was rubbing it in a little at this point)
Grey: Mimics the horn as he watches it.
Will: Please stop playing that horn over and over again, I hate fire engines.

It is at this point that I realize that Will is in tears. (sure, I may have gloated a bit about being right, but come one)
Mom: What is wrong babe?
Will: Greyson is smarter than me (sobbing)
Mom: Grey is not smarter, he was just right about something that you thought was wrong, that happens sometimes.
Will: He is smarter, and I am not smart
Mom: Will, ask Grey to spell red
Will: No, he will just say r-e-d, r-e-d, r-e-d spells red to me (this is a song he sings at school)
Grey: r-e-d, r-e-d, r-e-d spells red to me
Will: See
Mom: ask him to spell green.
Will: Fine, Grey spell green
Grey: r-e-d, r-e-d, r-e-d spells green to me

Will is starting to feel better at this point and I tried to tell him that it doesn't matter how smart you are, but how hard you try. You are older and have learned more than your brother, but that doesn't mean that you are right all of the time. You have to work hard to learn things. He seemed that this was acceptable for the time being. ( wow, I am a good mom right?)

Later this evening he came running up to me with a huge smile on his face. I can't remember what the dispute was, but he reassured me that he was in fact, still smarter than Grey. It was so hilarious to see how absolutely crushed he was that Grey was right about something that he didn't know. It was as if all of his hard work at pre-school was for nothing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cakes of Birthdays Past.......

Recently, I was rummaging through our old photos to get some pictures of Brian and I and I came across some dang funny pictures. It has always been a tradition to make "the cake" for birthdays around our house so I decided to post some pictures of cakes from birthdays past. Some of these are sweet, others are a stinking hilarious but I get an A for effort. Hopefully I will eventually get all of my pics scanned in to preserve them, but this is a start right? Enjoy.

"The Pregnant Lady"
I have always thought this cake was hilarious. I made this beauty for my sis-in law Stacy when she was Mondo Prego. You bake the cake belly in a bowl and use snowball snack cakes for the um bikini :)

Popcorn and Coke
I think this was my first attemp at a really hard cake. The entire thing is cake apart from the can of coke. The popcorn is frosting, the place mat is cake with frosting on top and the bowl for the popcorn is once again, cake baked in a bowl. Bri is a die hard popcorn and coke fella, in case you were wondering why in the world I chose to make this one.

A hole-in-one

Bri also loves golfing. I think that I made this one for Bri while we were dating. I totally think I will need to revisit this one in the future now that i am a little more experineced, but I thought that it was a cute idea. I just used different candies & frosting to replicate a golf course.

Mr. Frog
This one is all Brian's. He made this cake for me the 1st year we were dating. I used to love collecting frogs. I thought he did such a great job.


Ahhh.... this one is funny, I remember that I had limited resources making this cake, other wise I think it would have been awesome. It is a poor translation of the man from the operation game. And isn't this pic of Bri priceless?

Snow removal at the cabin
Bri has always loved going up to his parents cabin in Island park to help cut the snow off the cabin roof. This particular year they had a freaking TON of snow, and he wanted to go so bad, but we were not able to make the momentous trip so I made him a cake depicting the event so he didn't feel like he was missing anything :) After they cut the snow off the cabin, you have to jump from the roof into the snow hence the army men on the roof (just in case you thought that this was a cake about a tiny military militia ransacking a giant birdhouse:)

Sea Plane
This one is TERRIBLE, but it makes me laugh. It is supposed to be a sea plane. I think it looks like some kind of dinosaur. I think I got to a point of no return and just decided to embrace the plane in all of it's ugliness. Brian always wanted to be a pilot, but now he has a wife and children so he is not allowed to fly little tiny planes that crash all of the time. (I know, I am selfish)

Bob & Larry
I think this one will go down as one of my all time fav's. I love Veggie Tales and Will has loved them ever since he was a baby so it was only appropriate that his 1st birthday cake was Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber.
This is Will's 2nd b-day, he was going through a Nemo phase and we practically wathched it every day.
I have no Idea why I made like 3 cakes for Grey on his 1st b-day, I always go overboard. I made him a personal basketbal to eat himself, cupcake icecream cones for his friends and cousins, and I guess the big one was for the adults. (the icecream cone cupcakes were a HUGE hit) Cover the ends of your cones with a small piece of tinfoil, arrange in 9 x 13 pan and fill 2/3 way with cake batter. Bake, after cooled, pipe on frosting and add sprinkles or cherries.

My Laptop Computer
I thought Bri was so clever making me a laptop for my B-day last year. I think he made the screen out of rice crispies and the keyboard was cake with whopper keys

Hooray, you're 30
Yea, I worked hard on this one!

Lightning McQueen
Through Will's car obsession phase he got several car cakes. We did learn however, don't freeze your cake, it is great and easy to frost, but it will defrost and your spoiler will fall off.

Superbowl Football
Bri's b-day was superbowl Sunday last year.

I will always love little Mater, he turned out so amazing and Bri and I stayed up way too late making this one. Mater was baked in a bread loaf pan and the cab was a cut from another cake baked in a loaf pan.

Sports fan
Grey was still obsessed with balls, so for his 2nd b-day he got all kinds of different sports balls. Most of the balls were baked in bowls.