Friday, March 13, 2009

Cute little piggies

I was so excited to wake up to the sun shining today. It feels like spring and it makes me so happy. My sis-in-law Becky gave Morgan the most adorable outfit with capri's that I have been dying to put on her and what goes better with a cute new outfit than a fresh coat of polish on your toes. With that thought, I decided to take on the task of painting my little Mo's piggies. She is quite the wiggler, but with only a few smudges and smears, we got the job done, just don't look too close.
She was quite fascinated with her little painted piggies.
I can't even believe that my little lady is 8 months old. I absolutely love this smile on her face...... "hi Mom"
Having a girl is way too much fun!


PrincessKatie said...

She is jsut too darn cute and she looked so stinkin cute today. I am glad that she lets me hold her and is happy. SHe is too cute!

Katie Jane said...

Guess who bought that outfit? Yep, me!! I am in love with your lady. Can you bring her to my house to play? I need to smooch those cheeks off! Claire is going to love seeing Mo Mo's piggies! Having her nails done is her favorite thing to do!

Ambyr said...

She is so cute. I can't believe that her and Pai are that old. Time flies. Don't worry about the party,it would have been fun with you there but we had a good time. My feet have never felt so good.

Carlie said...

So dang cute!!! I love the red piggies and I totally love the headband! Where do you get stuff like that? If I have a girl, you have to let me in on your stylish secrets!