Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Totally Random

I have a few random moments that deserve documentation.

1- Grey recently discovered his "nickels"
2- These are apparently the faces I make when I am trying to get Morgan to do her "sniffer" face. hopefully I will have documentation of that soon. I am amazed that I don't make her cry. Just a little bit scary. I thought Bri was taking pics of Mo, so I wasn't holding anything back :)
3-This is aforementioned darling baby at 8 months old who does a hilarious "sniffer" face when you can get her to cooperate.
4- Grey really wanted me to take his picture, so here it is.
5- Will is super silly (I have no idea who he gets that from)
6- I felt like I needed to encompass the entire family in this random post so I flipped through my pics to find the most recent pic of Brian and this is what you get. Not sure why he took it, but we love him.


Ambyr said...

WHat a cute family, I love little Mo, she's totally cute. The faces are awesome! I wonder if Paityn thinks that I'm crazy for the looks that I give her sometimes.

PrincessKatie said...

So fun Mo is too cute. I love it. HOw is house hunting?

Jenn J. said...

No need to see Morgan's sniffer face... your's is so great! :) I am laughing really hard about Brian taking pictures of it. That is totally something Eric would do. Cute random post. Also, super random picture that Brian took of himself. Hilarious.

Ginger said...

I love your post.

walkinourshoes said...

I think it is cute that Greyson calls his nipples, "Nickles." Cute family shots.