Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jedi Scum!

Grey is currently in time-out for whacking me in the head with his red light saber and calling me "jedi-scum." I always knew he was from the dark side :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just an elbow :(

I just want you all to know that the wonderful pic of my Aunt was just an arm. I know...booo.... nothing scandalous, but it sure looks that way. It is the crease the opposite side of the elbow. Love you Aunt Jill!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooray for sunshine!!!!!

I cannot even describe how happy I am for the sun to be back in our lives this week! The kids are all geared up for protection. Hopefully our little poor fair-skinned family will survive!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I want to be a kid again

My amazing father is so inventive. He was raised on a farm and owned a farm until I was 5 or 6 and I believe that is where he gets his ingenuity. He is the type that can build and fix anything. On top of that, he is one amazing "Papa." I have to take a minute and explain this wonderful creation that my father made years ago. It used to be the clothes line, but my Dad had something greater in mind. A rotating swing. The kids absolutely love this thing. Frankly, I am a little scared of it, I guess I just need to have more faith in my father's welding capabilities. It is such a pain to push the kids on it, I am waiting for him to install a motor. Don't get any ideas Dad! All of the grand kids absolutely love this thing. Will was pretending that he was flying and Grey was just there for the ride. I remember swinging for hours as a kid and letting my imagination go wild. This picture of Will just honestly makes me want to be that carefree again. ( I tried swinging recently and it made me motion sick)

This little drool bucket finally figured out how to grow a tooth and has several others that are about to come through. They look so sore, I feel bad for the little tiger. (yes, she really does growl like a tiger)

At first, Mo was not so sure about the grass in her basket.

It didn't take much convincing to change her mind.
Of course I waited until 5 minutes before we had to rush to church to try and get a picture of the kids.
as you can see, it proved to be quite difficult.
This was about as good as it got, but they are a cute little bunch.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I like me some pureed peas

It may have taken me an hour and a half, but I finally figured out how to get video from our dinosaur camera onto the computer. I am very proud of myself, I had to go find, download and install the drivers for the camera online and then I just found a free video capture software and finally got my video to stream and record. Whew, I am tired, but alas this video of Morgan is sooooooooooo worth it. Lately my little lady has decided that she doesn't like her veggies and this is what we get when we try to feed them to her. (she has also decided to do this when she doesn't want her bottle of formula too, nice)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Much..................

You know that you have eaten at "old McDonald's" too much when you glance across the table and this is what you see. Our poor kids had been trapped in the car off and on for a week trying to get things taken care of with our house and usually, the only place that would allow them a little freedom was good ol' McD's. I think we ate lunch there at least 3 times. I have never seen the boxes put to use this way, but you gotta give it to them for being inventive. The quality of this pic from my phone does not do this moment justice. I love these little critters.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Brian and I had made an offer on this house and after some negotiating, it was accepted. We are super thrilled and in love with this house! Brian at some point even used the word "darling." It is not finished yet so I only have a couple pics (that aren't just bare walls and floor boards) we have been able to pick out tile, carpet, paint etc. We spent the entire day today trying to pick a tile and carpet that match the kitchen and it has been exhausting. I feel like we have no idea what we are doing, so while it is fun, it is a little stressful.

We will post more pics as soon as it is done. We close on the house May 29th.

And now..........
as promised...................................................................

the alleged "sniffer face"

or as I like to call it...........................................

Bitter Baby Beer Face

Do you remember those "bitter beer" commercials? I think that Morgan has got it down. In case you are wondering, we do not get her to make this face by giving her beer.