Saturday, April 18, 2009

I want to be a kid again

My amazing father is so inventive. He was raised on a farm and owned a farm until I was 5 or 6 and I believe that is where he gets his ingenuity. He is the type that can build and fix anything. On top of that, he is one amazing "Papa." I have to take a minute and explain this wonderful creation that my father made years ago. It used to be the clothes line, but my Dad had something greater in mind. A rotating swing. The kids absolutely love this thing. Frankly, I am a little scared of it, I guess I just need to have more faith in my father's welding capabilities. It is such a pain to push the kids on it, I am waiting for him to install a motor. Don't get any ideas Dad! All of the grand kids absolutely love this thing. Will was pretending that he was flying and Grey was just there for the ride. I remember swinging for hours as a kid and letting my imagination go wild. This picture of Will just honestly makes me want to be that carefree again. ( I tried swinging recently and it made me motion sick)

This little drool bucket finally figured out how to grow a tooth and has several others that are about to come through. They look so sore, I feel bad for the little tiger. (yes, she really does growl like a tiger)

At first, Mo was not so sure about the grass in her basket.

It didn't take much convincing to change her mind.
Of course I waited until 5 minutes before we had to rush to church to try and get a picture of the kids.
as you can see, it proved to be quite difficult.
This was about as good as it got, but they are a cute little bunch.


PrincessKatie said...

Super cute pictures. I had so much fun seeing Mo today. I loved how happy she was. She is so stinkin cute you really cant' move or if you move you have to leave her here with me k?

bnmarsh said...

Cute pictures! I love the swing, that looks like so much fun. I would have loved that as a kid. Your dad is very inventive to build something like that.

Miranda said...

such fun, my kids love that swing as well... And I must say your kiddos have the most beautiful dreamy eyes ever!

Katie Jane said...

Holy crap your kids are a adorable! I seriously can't get over their big blues! The first picture of Will in the swing is AWESOME! Kids have the best life ever. Oh, and Claire has her sun dress on today and is loving it sooooo much. I think she is going to call you later to say thank you. You should see her eyes light up when I pull them out for her to choose from. Thanks again for sewing them for me!!

Rachel said...

It reminds me of the swings at Lagoon. I used to love them, until I threw up after riding. I'll bet the kids LOVE it.

They look adorable in their easter attire!

Emily said...

will your dad build me one of those? Seriously he should look into selling those things... way better than a traditional swing set! I say that even after Gabe got plowed down (twice) because he stood too close to it last fall at the fish fry! My boys LOVED it!! Your dad is so great and your kids are adorable... I love the boys hair combed over to the side... so handsome! and Morgan... I love her cheeks, her eyes she is a doll!! BTW I keep checking your blog but usually don't have a minute to write a comment... I love your new house, when do you move? I love your shops, you are so talented and I plan on placing an order as soon as this baby arrives!! xoxo

Kylene said...

Those swings are awesome! I love the pic of Mo when she first notices the easter grass. She is such a little beauty!

Very cute pictures of your kiddos.

Jenn J. said...

Wow, what a cool contraption! Can your dad build me one? No, not my kids... me. :) Love the pictures of the kiddos too. They're darling!