Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve was everything I wanted it to be. This year was the 1st official Christmas at home. We have always been at relatives on Christmas and I was so excited to have one at our home. According to the kids, it was the "best Christmas Eve ever!"
Here are the reasons why:
1-Grandma and Papa Merrill came over that morning and we went to McDonalds for lunch (Awesome right?!?)
2-Grandma and Papa Fulks came over that evening and spent the night.
3-We had "THE BEST" Christmas Eve dinner. Brian and I had worked so hard on it and it turned out perfect!
4-We drove around the neighborhood before bedtime to see the lights and My bear leaned his head on my shoulder, wrapped his arms around me and whispered "Merry Christmas Mom" next William whispered "Merry Christmas Mom and Dad" and then Mo boomed from her chair "Merry Christmas Mom and Daddy, Merry Chrstmas Grammy, Merry Christmas Grandpa!" I don't think I will ever forget it......

You could taste the excitement in the room as we waited to go downstairs......

Santa FINALLY brought Mo her "Dragon Movie!" AND suprised her with a Tinkerbell doll. She was in Heaven.

Tea Time with Tink
Pj's favorite part of the day!

William was genuinely excited for his Leapster, and quite frankly hasn't put it down. (Except for the occasional Saber battle with Grey.)

It was such a fun, chill, day at home. Brian only had to run to the hospital a couple times during the day, so he was able to enjoy it too. I HAD to post a pic of what Brian got me for Christmas. It was a TOTAL suprise! I really had no clue, he did such a good job hiding it. He got me some great clothes, a new coat and...........................clip on hair extensions! I love them so much, I had to post a pic. They are so much know since I have the thinnest, saddest hair, and could never hope to actually grow out my hair this long on my own!


Katie Jane said...

You are one hot babe!! I totally love it!

Hogan Family said...

Hey hot momma, love the hair. I do love the pic of the kids in the pjs. Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Carlie said...

Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT???!!! You are one sexy lady!

Jill said...

So cute! Love the hair! It looks beautiful and so real :)