Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talk about wild weather!?!

We had a blizzard in November.... and now it is December and we have green grass and sunshine......... lots of warm sunshine. I don't know what the official high was yesterday, but our van temp at noon said it was 56 degrees!
I enjoyed it...... the kids enjoyed it.............. and as you can see, the neighborhood enjoyed it.

Momo especially enjoyed it. No jacket! Morgan HATES having to wear coats and jackets and yetserday, it was okay.

And today it is pouring rain...... And we are ready for snow again.

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Ginger said...

We certainly enjoyed the weather. I got those boys outside and didn't let them back in. We need days like that every single day around here. I really really love your top picture of all the kids playing. I love the sun flair and how nice and warm and fun it looks.