Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shoshone Falls

On our way back from Boise this past weekend, we stopped in Twin to see Shoshone falls. It was a beautiful pitstop. The kids were so excited that there were rainbows in the mist.The extra run off made the falls so beautiful! If you are headed that way, it is worth the detour.
You can kinda see a double rainbow in this one
My boys.
The Po was having a blast on Dad's shoulders.
I don't think that Grey could smile any wider. However, I can't get enough of those freckles!
William particularly wanted a pic with the rainbow.
I was glad we got a cute shot with me and the kiddos, but the out takes are more interesting :) I particularly love that PJ is pulling Morgan's hair.
2 Handsome Fellas
Little miss Mo had a blast hiking around at the heels of her 2 brothers and had to do everything that they did.


Katie Jane said...

Seriously could your kids be any cuter? I miss them already.

Ginger said...

Okay Skinny Mini. That water fall is gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I don't think I have ever been there.

Adrienne said...

Hi there! It's Adrienne Crouch - remember us from med school? ;) I stumbled across your blog and I have to say that your kiddos are the most adorable things. It looks like you guys are doing great and are so happy!
Hey, could you shoot me an email sometime? I'd love to catch up, and I was really hoping I could pick your brain about graphic design sometime. :) my email is