Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cupcake war!

Cupcake war 2011
This will need to be a semi-annual event, I am thinking :)

My friend Kara had a fantastic idea to have a cupcake war. I was so excited, but narrowing down a recipe was hard, waaaaay too many good looking cupcakes. I decided to go with the s'mores cupcake because I have always wanted to use our kitchen torch. We were supposed to make a large cupcake for show, and mini ones to eat.
S'moresPresentation wise, I LOVED mine! And using the torch was so dang fun! The mini version didn't taste quite as good as the large one, but they were sure fun to make. I made the marshmallow cream frosting from scratch. That was fun too! You just heat egg whites and sugar to 160 degrees on a double boiler, then whip it.

Tara made
Better than "certain extracurricular activities" cupcake
She was reluctant to enter with her "from a box baking skills" but it was yuumm!
Heidi made Key Lime Pie (this one was my favorite)
Kara made Caramel Apple Cupcakes...these were soooooo good too, They were B's favorite
Kara, Tara, Heidi, and meeeee
TJ, Chris, B, Ryan I know I took a better pic, but must have uploaded the wrong one. At least B looks good :)

Brian kept asking me if I would feel bad if he didn't vote for mine, which I didn't, because mine wasn't even my favorite, but he was a little worried the evening would cause marital strife in the neighborhood. I am already planning ahead for next time. I think I am going to go with the ginger/lemon cupcake.....Then maybe I will get my hubb'y vote...


Blake and Aubrei said...

Fun idea! Those all look dangerously good.

Rachel said...

What a great idea! I think I would like them ALL :)

Hogan Family said...

YUMMY! I have had Heidi Key Lime Pie and they melted in my mouth. They all look sooo good. Fun!

Rob and Jenn said...

How fun! I want a cupcake war. So, when are we going to see you guys?