Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officially on vacation

Hooray for spring break! I am headed to Logan today to drop off my kiddos, minus PJ so that Brian and I can head to Boise to celebrate our Anniversary. (I know, Boise?...but we love it and we will do something more exciting when we can ditch PJ) Wohoo! Since I had such an amazing response to the "Hoo hoo" party, the orders have been a little overwhelming. Since I want to make the most of our much needed break, I had to put my shop into vacation mode until I get back. It will be back up next Monday, so hopefully no one has a party between now and then :) Thanks for all your wonderful comments and encouragement.


Rachel said...

sometimes vacations are just what the doctor ordered (kid free ones!) and they make you that much a better mom when you get back (at least it does me!)

Ambyr said...

The Hoo Hoo party looks way cute!!! I can't wait for Pai's party this year cause it will be her first that she really is excited for and has picked the theme and everything! You do such great work I can't belive it! Hope your having fun on your Spring Break!!!