Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Grey Bear!

So, Grey's B-day was the day before Morgan was born and I am so slow posting pics, but here is my big 2 year old! He is of course obsessed with balls of all shapes and sizes and any sport so that is what he chose for his cake. We had fun swimming on his b-day and then had cake and Ice cream. He could have cared less what he got for his b-day, he just walked around the kitchen saying "birthday cake!" When anyone came to the door "Birthday cake!" when he talked to anyone on the phone "Birthday cake!" In fact Aunt KT came down last week and brought him a cake mix because that is still all he could talk about 2 weeks later! Birhtday Cake!


Rob and Jenn said...

happy late birthday! your kids are getting so big!

Jon, Britt, and CJ said...

Wow... did you make those cakes?! I'm impressed! Very cute!