Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh, Canada............

Here are the pics from our trip. It was fun to see Seattle again. I really don't miss that place, but it is fun to visit. After Brian's big board certification test, we decided to go up to Victoria, BC. Victoria was even MORE beautiful than Seattle. However, no offense to my Canadian friends, but it seemed like a more expensive version of the US. That may have been because we were on an island though. I was shocked that the styles were so different. They were definitely into the black stretchy pants and basically a lot of things that looked like they were from the 80's. I didn't have much luck shopping, but it was fun. I think my favorite part was the grocery store. I love seeing all the different items you can get. They have a ton of "ketchup" flavored things. Weird. For being done with his test, doesn't Bri still looks a little distracted? But handsome nonetheless.
Brian was sweet and let me wear my Christmas present (jacket) on our trip. Good thing too cuz it was chilly! I will just need to get it cleaned before he wraps it.
This was at Butchart gardens. Seriously one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Pictures don't even come close to justifying the beauty of that place. If you are ever there, it is a must see.
We still like each other :)
We saw this piece of wood floating in Canadian waters and Brian's curiosity got the best of him. It had a bunch of rubbish written all over it. We should have added a message and then sent it back to sea, but we were fresh out of ink.
The Capitol was Gorgeous. I obviously am not a history buff, because I didn't realize that there was still such an influcence from the Queen.This is their parliament room. Pretty cool.


laura said...

did you cut your hair?! i love it!!!

looks like a fun trip! that garden is GORGEOUS!!!

Carlie said...

I'm glad you had fun because we were in Poky looking for you when you were in Canada! We need to match our schedules before we leave for a trip! :0)
Glad you had fun and sorry, but your hubby is gorgeous! So are you!