Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brrrrrrrr Lake

Last week, Brian had a free day and I had the bright idea of going over to Bear Lake for the day. We checked the weather and it was going to be approx 75-80 and mostly sunny so we decided to chance it. When we rolled into Garden City, so did the thunder clouds. It was 70 degrees and cloudy and very windy. We ate our lunch in the van and then miraculously, my prayers were answered and the sun came out. The wind was still freezing, but at least we had some sun.
I love that kids don't care what the temperature is, if there is water and sand, they were all for it. Will was cracking me up, throwing up the rabbit ears on his brother and cousin. Where did he learn that?
Gotta have a pic of our Bear @ Bear LakeMorgan and her cousin Macy had a blast splashing and freezing together.Mo was so excited to play in the sand.
This was the only pic we got of Porter because it was so cold. He spent the entire day in our tent with his Dad. The day ended on a high note. An hour before we left the winds calmed and we were all able to get into the water again. After the beach, we made our way to the "Quick n Tasty" for a burger and a Raspberry Fizz (which is really one of the main reasons that I wanted to go to Beak Lake :) All was well until we had to make a pit stop so Will could puke along side the road. We know we have officially had fun when our kids puke on a family outing.


Rachel said...

I have never NEVEr heard of a Raspberry fizz, but it sounds divine. I shall have to try one next time I am at the Brrrrrr!
It is funny how kids instinctively know about the bunny ears.

Katie Jane said...

Ahhhh. A good freeze out always does the children good. Love it.