Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Syringa Fun Run

William was SOOOO excited for the fun run this year. He had been practicing all week long. He was so excited and asked us about a thousand times if we would be there to watch.Momo and Grey held signs and cheered him on.
I wish I had taken a video camera. On the last lap, he was just barely jogging until he saw us in the crowd and he kicked it into high gear and ran as fast as those little legs could carry him. His face was priceless. He was beat red for a couple hrs after the race. He worked so hard.
Oh and I made some cute Halloween cookies last night and decided to be all artistic. I had to post a pic so I could remember them because the kids keep eating them. Sniff sniff. I eat their abstract pieces of art and they eat mine. Somehow, it hurts less that way. Some days I just want to be a baker. I would love it.


Ambyr said...

you are awesome! Those cookies look great!

Rachel said...

flip you just made my pumpkin cookies look like trash! :) I love how red his little face is. Classic!