Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost September? Yikes...

Soccer is starting, YAY!
I was excited that the boys both wanted to play again this year. Grey did such a great job! He is a natural defender and LOVES it when he gets to be the goalie.

Isn't he the most handsome soccer player or what?!!? William loves throwing in the ball, and goes crazy when his team scores a goal. I love it! Every time, it is like they just won the world cup. So priceless.
My Momo. I love this picture so much! so carefree and such a tease!!!!!
And what of this little lad? He loved watching the games. Popo is like a Platypus, he doesn't do much....(if you don't get that line, then go watch Phineas and Ferb NOW!) Popo doesn't say any words, wants absolutely nothing to do with walking, and mostly just wants his Ma, but he sure is adorable...and to be quite honest, can melt his Moms heart in a second.....I have gone soft with this one!
How you doin?

Hahaha, isn't that just what it looks like he should be saying? Sadly there are no pictures of me from the soccer games. Brian decided the picture he wanted for posterity was of my posterior and I am not posting it here, not that kind of girl :)

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Katie Jane said...

Whatever, not that kind of girl...I know the truth. Your family is seriously so cute. I can't wait to play.