Thursday, October 30, 2008

Island Park Adventure

What a vacation we had this year! We were so excited to head up to Island Park last Thursday when I started feeling like I was getting a fever. I was diagnosed with a cold and mastitis, I got started on an antibiotic right away and we were off. I fought the fever and aches and chills for 2 days before I started feeling a bit better when Brian admitted that he had a tickle in his throat, the next day he had the fever and chills and poor William was puking and had a fever also. Not to mention a raw throat(Thanks Mom!) Anyhow, come to find out we all had strep throat, but my mastitis kinda threw the diagnosis off for a few days. Monday the boys got started on antibiotic and are finally feeling better, now that we are home! Since we all were sick, we didn't get out to see much, but we did drive through Yellowstone and We took a couple fun pics
We kept the boys busy with craft since it was chilly out. They painted them and Dad assembled them and we walked down to the river to float them.Wills boat took an early lead, and then slowly started drifting away from shore, which could be problematic, I can hear the devastated cries from the boys now!
With Brian's quick thinking and stretching skills, no boats were lost in the float. Mind you, the bank of the river was crusted with ice! Brrrrrrr.........Dad's are the best.
There was another geyser going off at the same time as old faithful, it was pretty cool.
And now onto the boys absolute favorite part of the trip each year. Eating lunch in the back of the van! It doesn't matter what we do, lunchtime cannot come soon enough and the boys have a blast! I love that this simple things bring them so much joy. (as long as the ravens keep a decent distance away from the van:)
It was a little chilly so Mo took refuge in Dad's jacket. She seemed to enjoy it.I love that serious face!
Will wanted his pic in front of the water in the canyon.
Grey also had a good time watching the water with dad. (yep, this is about as exciting as it gets when the entire family is sick on vacation)
Mom & Mo

One Definite highlight and advantage of being sick was the fact that all we really felt up to was to drive, so we ended up taking some scenic routes and guess what we saw...................drum roll actually Grizzly Bear! We have been through the park countless times and have never seen a bear, let alone a grizzly so that was definitely very cool. We got some video, but since we have an ancient video camera, I have to figure out how to get it onto the computer. I will post it once I figure it out. Aside from being sick, we still had a lot of fun on vacation.


PrincessKatie said...

SUper cute pictures. Too bad everyone was sick thats no fun but at least you got to just relax and sort of enjoy your break! I have missed you@

Ginger said...

You guys are so cute! Sorry you were sick. :(