Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am not ready for this!

Look at that face, I love it! My little man is growing up. I love the things that he tells me, he cracks me up! Today he said "Mom, I am going to kiss Meagan at school when I see her because I like her. She is my friend" I was silent for a second, because I really didn't know what to say. I quickly said that I was glad that he had such a good friend at school. After talking with him it also sounds like he has some healthy competition with Carter, who also likes Meagan. Sheesh. Super cute but a little unsettling. I just need to take some deep breaths and smile. I remember those days, I just am looking at it from a mothers stand point and I am trying not to freak out and just enjoy it. I realized however, am not ready for this.

On a side note, Grey was watching Good Things Utah yesterday and they did their adoption segment and they showed this cat. He immediately got so excited and said "I want him for my Christmas, I like him" Great, what do I do now, 2 yr olds don't have a great memory right, plus he has already spoke with Santa and there was no mention of a Persian cat.


Stacy said...

That is an ugly cat. Plus, if he really wants one, Aunt Stacy will gladly hook him up.
Be thankful that Meagan is real. My brother used to kiss AnnaBelle in the bathroom in preschool, she was imaginary. So who exactly was Tim kissing in the bathroom at school.

Nicole said...

William is so adorable. I think that he is going to break some girls hearts!
Good luck on that cat. Nathan has wanted a dog, but my parents just got one so we just visit it. Hopefully that will be enough for now. Good luck.

Ambyr said...

Good luck! I tell Austin all the time that we will never get a cat but he is welcome to love his cousin's cat when we visit. We have a large dog that would probably eat a cat.
William is cute! That little Meagan girl better watch out!

PrincessKatie said...

That is too funny that he has competition. I love what little kids think and do. I am not ready for that either but its kind of funny to be the parent of that situation huh. By teh way I woudl love that sandwich you like!

So we went out the other night but we totally spaced stopping. I will get that from you sooN!