Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Every Kiss Begins with Kindergarten......

Yes, it's true. Will kissed a girl, and apparently liked it. It was classic. Under the monkey bars at recess. I asked why he kissed her and this is what he said "She wanted to, and I wanted to so we did." I know you all are wondering if this is the girl that he said he was going to marry. It is NOT, nor is it the girl that he asked if I had her phone # the other day. apparently there are plenty of fish in the sea :) So there you have it. And to think that I was freaked out letting him ride the bus.

I am not ready for this! He is getting too big and he cracks me up with his "tales" from school.
He has had a blast at kindergarten and is finally getting some friends in the neighborhood. (most of them girls of course! :)

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches
We made these for FHE this past week and the boys loved it. (super yummy too)
I took the basic rolo cookie recipe (1pkg Devil's food cake, 1/3 c oil and 2 eggs) rolled them into a bar. I recently learned the "thread trick" from my mother-in-law to cut the cookies into exact same size and keep them perfectly round. (This trick works great on cinamon rolls)Baked them for 7 min (next time I will do 5 because I think they need to be undercooked so the cookie is softer) Once the cookies were cool we put on a scoop of softened ice cream, mashed it together and rolled the edges in sprinkles.

And last but not least is the following photographic evidence to support the claim that Morgan can actually walk if she wants too :) She actually has taken off this week and seems so proud of herself now.


Rachel said...

I am still laughing at Will. Thankfully Kace has never had that experience yet. Nate said that if our kids grow up like me (boy crazy) then we will be in trouble and I am in no way supposed to encourage that kind of behavior :) haha

bnmarsh said...

I love the story about Will! That is so funny. And the cookies looks so yummy.

Ambyr said...

I just want to squish her face and shew on her cheeks!!! Her "twin" sister is here and still misses her. Your boys are so cute but I would keep my eye on that lady killer Will. Good to hear from you!

Rob and Jenn said...

So...where are the Obama pictures??? Hope you got them alright. Can't wait to see your post!

Heather said...

Aaaahhhh! I'm drooling! Those look so good!