Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Shrimp Broil

Yesterday was a blast. My parents decided the corn was ready to harvest, so if you want some you gotta go pick it and freeze it. First we picked the corn (and by "we" I mean Mom and Dad and some of the little kids. Brian is allergic to the husk & silk and gets hives, so lucky him, he was on cooking duty) Meanwhile me and my sibs commenced husking. It was so much fun just sitting around and chatting with the fam. After the work was done, my parents took us all canoeing in Benson (I didn't even realize you could do that in Benson) The key highlight involved Greyson performing an involuntary back flip out of the canoe. Brian quickly snagged him out of the water and truthfully he was a pretty good sport about it. I was in the front of the canoe, so I missed the whole thing.
And finally..............the SHRIMP BOIL
I have never heard of it either, but it is something mys sister Keri had tried and wanted us to have the "experience" as well. It basically involves a ginormous pot of onions, lemons, carrots, corn, potatoes, shrimp, and seasoning all cooked over a giant burner. Once it is all done, you pull the pot out, drain the water and toss the food onto the table and dig in
We were worried that we didn't have enough food :)

My Ma & Pa chowing down.
Katie & Jer

It was so much fun, that I cannot wait to do it again. I am pretty positive that I ate my weight in shrimp and corn. Let me know if any of you want the recipe. It was a blast and the perfect thing for a fall get together.

And last but not least........Mo

Mojo is such a sweetheart, but man is she moody lately. I dunno, maybe she is teething or something. It has to be something. What? If you know, please clue me in because I can't please the girl. She is so cranky!
These pics were taken 2 seconds apart. Here is Mo, so happy to have her corn and binky and I click the button to take a pic of this sweet moment and I get this.....
That is all it takes and she is in tears flopping on the floor in a ridiculous tantrum. Help me... Please.
However, she did find some joy in dangling from the b-ball hoop. She would not let go, and Bri just had to stand there and wait for her to get tired.
All in all, it was an awesome day. Oh, and we got a new table!!!! I will post pics once we get it assembled.


Katie Jane said...

Thanks for the pics. Same time same place next week! Oh how I loved yesterday. I will dream about it for weeks. In my dreams I hope to have a canoe too. One that Grey isn't falling out of! Love you!

bnmarsh said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Maelie has been all drama lately too! I don't get it,if you find out how to deal with it let me know!

walkinourshoes said...

What a fun dinner. Mo is getting so big. Kylee went through a real drama period, too. It passes, I promise!
Love, Koe

Carlie said...

That was a ton of food! How fun for your family! As for Mo, Creed does the same thing... he's been in a bad mood since day one! Although I did just find his molars on the top and bottom of his gums the other day- that explained a lot! Good luck and welcome to the life of girls! :0)

Rachel said...

Looks like CRAZY fun!

Ginger said...

Cute, cute picture of your future b-ball player!

Emily said...

yummy!.. the food and your baby girl!