Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Enrichment Projects

Last night we had our fantastic Friday, and I signed up for waaaaay to many things. It was a blast though, My new ward is so great!
This was my favorite project and super easy
This ridiculous start took a million years to cut out all the right pieces and then I did my modge podge wrong and the papers bubbled. Grrrrrr. Still cute though. Don't worry Katie, I won't give you the bubbly one :)
My kids are not close to reading, but I had to do these mini Books of Mormon for them to carry to church. Super easy and adorable (aside from the fact they didn't have that great of fabric choices. The flap adheres with velcro and there is supposed to be a little plaque but they only had scouting ones so I will add that later.


Katie Jane said...

I am so excited for my star!!! I love them all so much! Job well done soldier.

Shiloh Thacher said...

Love the temple. How did you do that?

Kellie said...

Those are super cute; you have to post how to make the "super easy" temple pictures :)

Nicole Marsh said...

I love the temple picture too! I want to learn how to make it.