Saturday, February 13, 2010

Incredible Student of the Week! ....and visitors

Will had his Valentine's party this Friday and I am so glad that I was there because Will recieved the "Incredible Student of the Week" award from the principal. I love his proud little smile. I love going to his class and watching him interact with his friends and Teachers.My Mom and Dad came up last night for a quick visit and since it was my Momma's birthday, we figured the only right thing to do would be to go and celebrate @ Applebee's. The boys would not leave Grandma and Papa alone, they sure love it when they visit. Brian and I had the other booth bench all to ourselves. It was like bringing our baby sitter to the restaurant.
On a side note, my Dad gave Brian a rifle of some sorts for his bday. I will have to post pics later. And on another random side note, I went to a really fun jewelry party on Thursday night and to my surprise, I found "My Purse!" So first, of all, I have this strange obsession with anything lime green and a year or so ago, while visiting Old Faithful, I saw a lady with this purse. I fell in love. I have searched and searched, but could never find anything like it. I almost gave up and bought a plain lime green purse last week at Target, but I am so glad I was patient because I found my purse! Ahhhhh. It makes me so happy. Brian of course just laughed when I walked in the door. Good thing he loves me for my quirky taste in anything lime green or bright orange. So without further ado, here it is.
Awe. Cute! It this purse not me or what?


Kylene said...

Congrats to your student of the week!

And SUPER cute purse!

Ambyr said...

Love it! The purse I mean. I'm so proud of your student, how fun is that!!! You are sooooo cute, I'm bummed that you live all the way up there.

Ginger said...

You're so cute. If it makes you happy you deserve it.

Katie Jane said...

totally cute!! I love it so much. See, you are hip and cool!