Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Night School

Last night I got home from playing hoops about 10:30 and slummed around the house for awhile before I headed to bed. Just as I dozed off, I awoke to my little William @ my bedside. "Hey Mom" he says, " I am up and I am going to go get ready for school" I glanced @ the clock and it was midnight. I laughed and I told him that I just went to bed. "Well, why did you go to bed so late Mom?" I continued to explain to him that it was still night time. It took some convincing, but I finally got him back in bed and to sleep. Unfortunately he was back up @ 6:00 this morning and was getting ready for school. I find this ironic because I ALWAYS have to drag him out of bed in the morning for school. Not today.


Nicole Marsh said...

Kids are so funny! I love that story.

Rachel said...

of course he would wake up early. Isn't that the way it goes.

Katie Jane said...

Ha! Silly Willakers. Time for bed I said.....oh I miss you. I am willing the scent of Indian food your way... (imagine a pocket watch pendulum-ing in front of your face) you need Indian food from Logan. You cannot wait another day for Indian food. Get in your car and drive there tomorrow as soon as you can.

Yep, that will do the trick.