Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will's First T- Ball Game

It is so funny, the things that make you so proud as a Mom. I was snapping pictures today as if Will were in the major leagues. As if I can take the credit for Will's T-ball skills. (although I will anyway :) I had so much fun watching his game today.Here he is doing a little warm up. His teammate kept calling him "Willy" it was driving me crazy.
He is next up to bat, getting his batting arm warm
And here he is smashing the ball across the field! Seriously, I couldn't cheer loud enough. No stinkin T for this fella.
Here is one serious gang of players in the dug-out. It is basically all of the kids in our neighborhood and the coach is in our ward. I love it.

Oh, and can't forget the adorable spectators.


Katie Jane said...

That is seriously awesome. I wish I was there to cheer him on at the t ball game. No that he needed the t, right?

Nate and MyrLynn said...

It was so fun! At least with Jordan playing there are people to visit with. I knew no one when Jaxon played. Just wait 4 yrs when they really start playing. It has been so fun watching the improvements!

Rachel said...

Of course he didn't need the stinkin T! It's great being a mom!

Derek, Jill, & Boys said...

So cute. I love to watch these little tikes. They are so funny. Running around chasing the ball. Gotta love it!

walkinourshoes said...

Your kids are so cute. I can't believe how big Mo is getting. What day in July are you due?

Love, Koe

Ginger said...

Oh I love t-ball. Cute, cute pictures. I'm sad ours is over.