Thursday, June 24, 2010

What rhymes with GENIUS?

I hope that no one is offended by this post, but it is too hilarious to pass up. My son William is such a rhymer. He hears a word and immediately spits out a rhyme. Tonight we were all out eating snow cones and someone commented that something was GENIUS! and William quickly pipes in "GENIUS PENIUS" We all tried so hard not to laugh (well not me, I couldn't hold it in) Pretty soon we were all busting up. I couldn't tell if he realized what he had actually said but we all had a good laugh.


Rachel said...

no shame! That is great. My boys would say the same thing :)

Carlie said...

Well I am sure all men think their "peniuses" are geniuses, but luckily we know better eh?! What a cutie and who could be offended by that? That is awesome!

walkinourshoes said...

that is way to funny. i love your father's day photo's too.
love, koe

Kylene said...

I'm sure he'll love reading about this someday!

(super cute father's day pic's)

ps. you need to give us a pregnancy update chica.