Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween a few days late.....

I don't want to get behind so I have to post Halloween pics Sorry for the late post. First, the punkins.
Rogger, Rogger-------- oh, cute ---------sir, yes, sirGood thing I don't have a bunch of posers!
We had our annual Halloween Party @ Grandma & Papa Merrill's.
The fellas were Shadow troopers
My sis Katie and the hubbs, Jer always have to outdo themselves with their costume. Just seeing this pic makes me laugh. "Hey! Save me a piece of that corn"
PJ was an ear of corn, B was a scary scarecrow, and Mo and I were fairies.
Does this face not explain Halloween in a nutshell? Candy!?!?!?!
Morgan did not realize what trick or treating was all about, but once she did, she was unstoppable. Using her adorable powers to convince people into giving her extra candy
Man, was she happy.

Cutest fairies ever! Couldn't wait to get the costume off so I could breathe. Who's bright idea was it to be a fairy 3 months after having a baby anyway.


Hogan Family said...

Looking good, especially after having a babe a few months ago. Love the corn baby.

Ginger said...

Oh you look so cute. This makes me want to put more effort into my costumes and I love, love that Grayson fell asleep in time out. I wish I could go to time out and fall asleep.