Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Birthdays within 10 days....It's been a party around here!

Hey, Where's Perry?

Oh, there you are Perry!
PJ is 1!!! I don't believe it either...... Since we all have a healthy obsession with Phineas and Ferb @ our house, we decided to do Perry the Platypus cakes. I used bakery Swiss cake rolls and cake baked in my mini loaf pan for 2 different body types. I ended up liking the shape of the mini loaf pan ones best, but they are harder to frost. I used circus peanuts cut in half for the bill, a nutter butter for the tail and circus peanut slices for the feet. I uses york pieces for the eyes and colored in the pupils with edible marker.
Oh Perry, we love you more than Ice cream cakes...we love you more than bugs and snakes....
PJ loves his Perry... He was loving the camera flash and kept squinting his eyes and making silly faces. He was working it....
What a cute mess!

Greyson's 5th Birthday...He wanted a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates'" cake this year. I had some major technical don't look to close. Only thing that matters is that he loved it. He kept tellling me "That cake is hilarious!" His favorite thing was the treasure chest with all his gold dablunes.Then on to my Little Momo. She wanted a Hoo hoo cake, and then a Rapunzel cake, then a hoo hoo cake, then a Rapunzel cake....Whew....let's just do both.... She is spoiled..... I adapted Morgan's Rapunzel cake from one originally done on family fun, but I liked this version best. CHeck it out if you have aRapunzel lover at your house. I found the little doll @ Walmart.

She also loved her Hoo hoo cupcakes....
We had plenty of cake left over, but it was one fun bash!


laura said...

toni, you are SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!

why did you have to go and move? i would have totally hired you for every birthday party i ever had to throw! i am the worst baker/cake decorator EVER!

your kids will have great memories of what a fun mom you are!

Rachel said...

I think I should hire you. I can buy cakes.
Happy Birthday! At least you shouldn't have to make one for awhile!

Nicole Marsh said...

What fun cakes. My kids love Jake and the neverland pirate. I might have to copy that cake. Too bad you don't live closer and I could just have you make it for me:)