Tuesday, July 12, 2011

alcohol messes up your brain

Grey "mom, can I drink that peach juice now that we ate all the peaches?"
Mom: "sure" I was anxious to see his reaction because I loved it as a kid.
So he takes a swig and he says its good, so he takes another swig.
Grey: "hmmm, this kinda tastes like alcohol"
Mom: "that's weird, what do u know about alcohol?"
Grey: "alcohol is really bad and it messes up your brain and you don't think right. But don't worry mom, even though I am drinking this, I will still listen to you and behave and do my work."

Well at least he is drinking responsibly........
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Katie Jane said...

Ahhh grey bear. Seriously such a cool kid. Maybe the alcohol will make him listen better. It's just a thought.

Rachel said...

hahaha! That is AWESOME! I should whip out some peach juice I guess!

MyrLynn said...


Warth Family said...

Let me point out that, although he said it wont mess with his brain......he is using a GREEN crayon on a PURPLE page! LOL I miss Grey so much!