Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Sunshine

Here is the proud Momma Miranda, doesn't she look fantastic!!! We went shopping for new clothes and KT did her hair, so she is a new woman now.
KT and Claire at the pool.
So I have been having so much fun in California visiting my sis and snuggling this little guy. My boys have been @ Grandma Merrill's house, so I have been able to just focus on being Aunt Toni and it has been so much fun! (Although I am really starting to miss my little fellas!)

Of Course, more pics of my new little nephew Noah! He is so adroable right? Ethan just loves snuggleing him so much, the only down side is that he is cutting into my snuggle time!!!
Jessica and Ethan love this new little bro!
I had to put these pics in mostly to brag that it was 93 yesterday and we went swimming at the pool. Yes, I know, not only did I allow a pic of me to be taken in my suit but I am major prego! I know it is brave, but I just had to brag!!!!
Don't we love the Mary Anne look?


tom & laura said...


Rachel said...

Hello hottiest hottie of all the hotties who are hot (for some reason the blogger spell check doesn't agree with my spelling!) I found your sisters blog first and then I was like, "Please let her have Toni's on here!" and she DID! YEA! You look great and your kids are adorable, it is nice to see what you guys have been doing. Don't worry I will check up on you often! :)

Ginger said...

You look so cute and like you are having tons of fun.

Katie Jane said...

I miss you miss me back?