Sunday, July 19, 2009

Merrill 09 Reunion short

So much fun + too much delicious food + lots of "Merrill's" running around = a super fun time with a lot of laughs. This years reunion was a blast. My sister Miranda and her family were in charge this year and they chose an olympic theme. First night was opening ceremonies. Each family made a flag and we all were announced and put our flashlights into a big vase to make a torch (who designed those amazing shirts you ask?) Our flag read:
Crazy, Funny, Good Looking
"That's All"

The ceremonies were just too much for little Mo Mo Jo
There was bounteous treats and snacks

Greyson + all you can eat snack buffet = 1 happy boy

(I am amazed that he did not puke rainbow colors that night)

The next morning we started the olympic events.

Here is a lowdown of the day. If you didn't look close enough to see, I won the gold Medal for being "Wicked Awesome"
That night we met again at the clubhouse for the closing ceremonies and a talent show. The boys Showed off their Jedi skills, and Brian and I sang "please read the letter" by Allison Krauss and Robert Plant.
To keep this post short, that is all I will share, but we had a blast. The next day we met to have a GINORMOUS family pic, as well as individual family pics. Greyson got sick that morning and we had to take breaks in between takes for him to puke along side of the road. Poor guy, I guess all those treats caught up to him. ( several people in the family ended up getting sick that night. What a way to end a reunion eh?}This is the only pic we have so far of Brian and I so more are soon to come. Hopefully the photographer can photoshop some color into Grey's face :)


PrincessKatie said...

Cute pictures. Thats a great pic of you and Brian. And why are you letting Mo get big. She looks too grown up. Lets pick a day now and plan for me to come visit K/

bnmarsh said...

Fun! All of that (minus the throwing up)sounded like so much fun.

Ginger said...

What a fun family! Nice collage, girl.

Katie Jane said...

Your hair is amazing in this pic! Who is your stylist? And that photographer that took your pic must be amazing as well. And I bet she is modest and humble too. I want to have a family reunion every year!!

Rachel said...

I love the pic of you and Brian. So CUTE! I also love the olympic theme, so much that I might steal it for our next fam reunion!! :)

Carlie said...

So cute and so much fun! I love the picture of you and Brian- totally gorgeous of both of you! What an awesome family!