Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Beautiful Family

Not only was I excited to get my braces off, I was mostly excited because we had a family picture scheduled for the reunion. No tiny babies, no one is pregnant EVERYONE was there. It was perfect. You would not believe how long it took us to find coordinating shirts in just regular blue (Teal is the now color) My kids, and my hubby especially look great in blue. You know, you don't want to be too matchy matchy, but look like you belong. Yep, we spent way too much time on something that didn't even really matter, but we ended up looking good so
I guess it payed off.
Here is a sneak peak.I Think this one is my Favorite! Need I remind anyone of the puking episodes from Grey during these pics, and yet
he smiled so good :)

Yes, That is on HUGE family, I love it! They almost had to pull out the panoramic lens to fit everyone in.
We decided to snap a few sib shots after the photographer left. Should have thought about that before. I look at my brothers and sisters and can't believe how much we have all grown and done. It was such a fun reunion.


PrincessKatie said...

Super cute picgtures. I bet you can't wait to hang those up at your darling new house! I think they turned out great!

bnmarsh said...

Cute!!! I love it. We are doing blue for our family picture with Blake's family. I hope that I am able to find matching colors.

walkinourshoes said...

Your family pictures are cute. I love to color coordinate. You look so good, Toni, and happy. Idaho must be good for you, closer to family and stuff. We sure do miss you, though.
Love, Koe