Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Seriously (I am as guilty as the rest of you :) What happened? I used to wake up in the morning and check my blog as a ritual, see what crazy shenanigans my nieces and nephews have gotten themselves into, or what wild thing happened to you last night. Nope, not anymore. WE all go weeks, even months without posting. Facebook is fun and all, but really, I am more interested in the different moments and stories that you have than what you are doing every 30 minutes. Maybe I am alone in this thought process but I need some substance and laughs back in my life and blogging used to give me that. So, I challenge you, bloggers everywhere unite and post something to entertain me. That's all I really want!
and ps, it is blog etiquette to post a freakin comment once in awhile and let someone know that you are not just stalking them think they are hilarious. Enough said. I don't know what drugs I am on tonight. Why all the anger you ask? Dunno, just being random.

Disclaimer: I was not put up to this by the blogger corporation, just genuine concern for the sake of my own entertainment :)


PrincessKatie said...

Hey I still blog almost daily but no one reads mine nor do they even com ment. I think everyone jsut hates me personally and thats why I don't ge3t readers/commenters. We need to plan a day I can come up./

Ginger said...

I think THIS post is hilarious. I want to post funny stories but I have none! Yay. That means my kids aren't as whacked as they once were. And obviously you don't read my blog because I don't have your email now that mine is private. :0

bnmarsh said...

I love this post, because I feel the same way!! I check them everyday and I use to have like 10 day to read and now I am lucky to have a couple. I actually have a funny storie so I will try and post it today! watch out for it. Oh and I agree about leaving a comment, I put a map tracker on mine and I was surprized at how many people look at it but never leave comments!!

Kathey said...

I know what you mean about comments. I wonder if anyone ever reads my dribblings. But I do appreciate any comments I receive for my amateurish attempts at blogging.

However, I really do look at yours quite often, but I'm just not a commenter. I'll try to do better with everyone's.

By the way, Grey is welcome to all the pink rocks he can find.


tom & laura said...

ugh... dont' get me started on facebook. i totally agree with you, IT'S LAME!!

i ove checking your blog! sorry, i'm not the best commentor, either! i promise, i will get better at it just for you :)

Katie Jane said...

HEY! I am going to be a lame blogger because I can't load pics to moms computer. I could write you some poems though....Roses are red vioets are blue your a good blogger and so am I. Wait....ummmm I should practice. Love you.

Carlie said...

I totally agree with you! Although, like you, I am guilty for only blogging every month or so. but I love to see what you are up to and I miss you and Brian terribly!!!