Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now THAT's Entertainment

Of course after that rant about blogging, I had to post something or I would be a self-made hypocrite. Ah, the memories. It was July 10th and it was hot outside. The Merrill family reunion was winding down and what else was there left to do than to have a good old-fashioned family talent show. Speaking of entertaining, it was definitely that. My sister Katie "Deb" and her husband Jeremy "Kip" did not disappoint. They lit up the stage performing their rendition of "The Revolution of Dance" It might not be as funny if you have not seen the original, but still worth a look. Here are just a few truly beautiful shots from their performance. If you want to see the entire performance. Go here. I wish the music was louder and that my LOUD family would keep quit so you could hear the music better, but use your imagination.


bnmarsh said...

What an entertaining family! I love it.

Katie Jane said...

WIcked awesome!! I love us.

walkinourshoes said...

That was hilarious!
We are doing well. I am settling in nicely in R.S. Kylee and I love to go to the park and hang out with friends. We miss you and your cute family. How is your new ward? How is your new neighborhood? Take care, Koe