Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fried Hot dogs!

Yes, I have heard about these on food network, but today we are speaking of a different kind of fried hot dog. This past weekend we went up Smithfield Canyon with the fam to have breakfast. It was a lot of fun. My brother Kavic and I love to make "McDonald's" breakfast. The McGriddles and McMuffins are our favorite. So today we set off to make some Mcgriddles. This is Kavic injecting the pancakes with the maple syrup (he works as a home nurse and promised that he only cleaned out a few feeding tubes with this particular syringe! He was joking, but it was still gross)
Brian, Jer and Kav were the main cooks. Teenie Weenie was loving life. A dropped hashbrown here, bits of sausage there she was in heaven UNTIL.........................
An un-named chef sloshed some of his grease off the griddle and onto the back or poor Teenie Weenie. She took off like a rocket yelping and barking and it took us a few seconds to stop her and figure out what was wrong and get water on the burn.
Good thing we have a doctor in the house. Yes, I know he treats children and Teenie is technically a dog and 42 dog years, but it was still comforting to have him there.
We called the vet and they said to treat it like you would any other burn, so we tried to put cold wet cloths on her back. It looks like it blistered pretty good, but it didn't slow her down for long. It wasn't too long before she was back under the griddles looking for food. (I guess she didn't learn her lesson)
In other exciting news, Will found these sweet glasses on a hike and decided they were a fantastic treasure, but who knows who's face they were on previously
My sister Keri gave these sweet sock to MO
And Grey for their birthday............and an awesome loud whistle. Thanks Aunt Keri! (I am completely aware that this is payback for the recorders that I got her kids for their B-days)
AND we cannot forget the Will started Kindergarten on Monday. I can't even believe that I have a kindergartner. He is getting so grown up. He loves his teacher Mrs. Spiker. (rumor has it that of the 2 kindergarten teachers, she is the best) She just got over chemo for breast cancer, so we feel lucky to have her.

I forgot my camera for Will's 1st official bus ride, so I had to use my phone. It was like Christmas Morning for him. When he got off the bus, he could not stop talking about it.


Brian said...

Wow Toni,

You're summer seems much more exciting than ours!!! Hope you're gettin' settled in well!

-Brian H.

Rachel said...

I for one LOVE the glasses. They are AWESOME!! I also loved my recorder.....just thought you would like to know!