Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun Day at the Park

My Sweet sis KT and my Momma came to visit today so we ran to the park, went shopping at the DI and bought a bunch of cheep children's books and then ate Zuchini Brownies (well it is more like chocolate cake, but man was it good, and you are practically eating vegetable cake so you don't even feel guilty :) If you want that recipe, go here)

My Mom loves to play with the kids and I have to say that they adore her and I love to watch them interact with her.Will is such a poser. He makes me smile.
Miss Bea was being so funny. She loves to gives kisses and or try to eat your face if you even come near her! I love that little pudge.
Plus, she gets my jokes.
I love my little Claire Janer.
I was talking with my sis and we swear that we used to look alike, but I have to say that I don't see it anymore. Maybe that is what happens when you grow up and get old!
My little Mo playing in and eating the gravel as usual. Totally sanitary, and in a white outfit!
Here is the beloved aforementioned Miss Bea. Great blues right?
My little Mo loves her Aunt Katie, especially when she takes her on purple dinosaur rides :)
I like to call this one "One eyed Bear"
The boys and Gram

Mo Mo had too many blueberries for breakfast :)


Mandy Finlinson said...

So fun! Your mom is cute. Neither of my kids' grandmas could do that anymore, so I guess I AM getting old! Hey, guess what? We're getting a WinCo on 5600 West! I can't tell you how excited I am! I knew YOU would understand!

PrincessKatie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. Will looks so big and grown up did you get my email?

In response to Mandy's post what is a winco I am anxious to find out!

Kylene said...

I love the pic of your cute mama going down the slide. Darling pic's, especially the blueberry one. :)

Katie Jane said...

We are AWESOME! I love all of the cute pics. I never would have guessed they were off your phone! I love it! Thanks for an awesome visit.

Carlie said...

Well I must say that I see some resemblence to you and your sister, but the blonde hair throws you way off! It would be more pronounced if you were dark again. Cute pics, fun times!