Friday, August 21, 2009

I can't say it enough.....

Grocery Smarts rocks!!!!! I have not had the time or been here enough to get the Sunday paper and coupons, but this week at Smith's you don't need it. You can print all of the coupons and you get the catalinas (when you buy 5 fruit snacks or granola bars in a single transaction) and more coupons at the register.(These prices are banking on the fact that your Smith's also prints the GM cereal coupon, you may want to call)

I got

18 boxes of cereal
4 boxes of Granola bars
7 boxes of fruit snacks/ rolups/gushers
1 quaker quakes

27.50 but (it should have been 25.50 if I had seen the GM coupon on the 2nd transaction)

**I could have saved more, but my printer messed up and I didn't get my second set of coupons on a few things and I didn't know about the gm coupon till 3rd transaction.

That is about .90 per item. after taxes! (the granola bars were a little bit more, if you just stick to fruitsnacks and cereal it ends up to be about .80)per item after taxes.
I printed the trix and cheerios coupons and used them on my first transaction.
You will need to purchase 5 boxes of cereal AND 5 boxes of fruit snacks OR 5 granola bars boxes per transaction . This will print you a catalina for 3.50 of your next shopping order and a gm coupon for 2.00 off 5 cerels. On your subsequent orders, use your printed coupons, AND the gm coupons AND your catalina. The catalina AND the GM coupon prints every time. At the end, I just bought 10 more boxes of gm cereal, used the GM coupon and my last catalina.

tip:DON"T mix and match the fruit snacks and the granola bars, you will only get 2.50 off your next order they need to be 5 of each on along with the cereal to maximize your next shopping order coupon.


Ginger said...

I need to get back in the game too. I've been trying. A little.

Katie Jane said...

you are fantastic. Can I pay you to do my shopping?

tom & laura said...

i've heard so much about grocery smarts! i guess i need to check it out!

PrincessKatie said...

oh my gosh two weeks ago i bought like 30 boxes ofr fruit snacks at albertsons and they were less then a dollar abox it was awesome. I love grocery smarts. I didn't shop this week but I wish you had an albertsons or do you?

Emily said...

what?????? that sounds complicated... numbers rattling off... and i just zone out

i really want to only spend $27.50 on a cajillion groceries but it freaks me out and makes me all sweaty

...can i hire you?

Rachel said...

ya, I'll pay you too!