Friday, January 22, 2010

Never too late for New Moon Pics

Way back when, in November, my friends and I went to a "New Moon" party. It wasn't cheap, and it was kinda lame at points, but hey, we had fun. We are going to do an "Eclipse" party on our own and it will be cheaper and waaaaaay more fun. Anywho, here we are waiting to get in, freezing. Ang, Amy, and Me ( yep, sometimes I feel that my name should start with A to fit in with them:)Next, they had dynamite Quitlette dancers from the res.
Inside they had cutouts of all of our dreamy fictional characters. This is my "As if you can be all whiny and have 2 great guys Bella. Don't look so shocked that they chose me"
They had Bella's birthday cake, it was pretty cool.
I bought that blood red shirt, just for this occasion.
They gave us vampire tatoos and somewhat hideous make-up to make us vampires

And Cullen baseball.......
Since the whole Limo and red carpet that we were supposed to get didn't happen (grrrrrr) So we had to sprint to the Theater to get a decent seat. Overall, I loved the movie, and can't wait for eclipse. Can't wait to party again!


Rachel said...

AWESOME, that is all I can say!

Ambyr said...

Girls night out parties are always worth it! I'm not a twilight fan but I'm glad that you had lots of fun!!!

Katie Jane said...

Lame time? I guess you should have been going to a monumental movie like that with your SISTERS!!! Can't believe you dogged us like that. What has Pocatello done to you? I am worried. Maybe we should have an intervention. It could be called an I don't know what has happened to me since I moved to Pocatello intervention. IDKWHHTMSIMTP, yep that would simplify it. I could just be a little dramatic wouldn't be the first time.

Warth Family said...

So yes we got jipped a bit, what the heck no limos and then a red carpet that I believe I stepped over to avoid tripping over it cause the door mat, I mean red carpet was being used to hold the theater doors open. It was a little crazy, but hey crazy is what we do best! Look at us rockin that red hot lipstick! Best lookin hootchie vampires there! And yes Ive considered changing your name to Antonie. With or without the 'e'! Pocatello would now be lost without you!!!!