Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A lesson learned the easy way...Thankfully

The boys room has been crazy messy ever since we got home from Christmas vacation so I was determined to find their floor today. We spent all morning sorting, tossing, and DI-ing a lot of toys. So what lesson was learned you ask? Well it has to do with this sweet little curious little fella.

Oh, how I love this sweet little man, but he is too curious for his own good. He is constantly in trouble. Not because he is bad, but because his curiosity just gets the best of him.

So..... after cleaning, I ran into my bedroom for a few minutes, was putting other things away, when I hear a knock at my door. Embarrassed and not wanting to answer (because I am still in my PJ"s and bath robe. ) I reluctantly opened the door. To my surprise, it was the handy man who had finished up the last few things on our house. He had a frantic look on his face as he said this " I just wanted to let you know that there is a little boy upstairs, standing in the window sill and he has the window open and the only thing that is keeping him from falling is the screen and I don't want him to fall" I of course thanked him and then sprinted up to the boys room to find my little Grey Bear as explained, standing in the window hollering to the workers below. I snatched him from the window and ran to the stairs where we had a quick chat as to why we A) don't open windows, and B) don't stand in the window sill.

This is the scene of the crime. Though it is winter, all I could think of was all the children Brian treated at Primary's past summers where children have fallen out of windows and been seriously injured or even died and I am so grateful that I did not learn that lesson the hard way. Somebody was watching over us today.


Nicole Marsh said...

What a scary experience!! I am glad that it turned out ok.

Katie Jane said...

Oh that makes me sick thinking about it! Curious George definitely lives at your house. Does that make you the man in the yellow hat?

Amy said...

This same thing happened to me with Olivia. I am glad that things turned out ok for you too.

Rachel said...

boys boys boys. I am glad he learned his lesson :) hopefully :)

Carlie said...

Oooh that is a scary one! Glad he didn't push too hard and you lowered your pride enough to answer the door :0) Glad everyone is ok!