Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Cranky Old Lady!

Teenie Weenie is 7 years old!
That makes her 49 in dog years. Her friend Lola decided to throw her a party. Don't they look like the best of friends. Ha ha, not really, Lola loves Teenie, but Teenie is kind of a dog snob, she tolerates Lola more than anything, but I know one day she will warm up and they will be the best of friends someday. One can hope :)Teenie and Lola in their party hats.
Teenie anxiously awaiting her birthday treat.

She looks pretty good for 49 right?!?
I guess she is a little depressed about being one year older! Ha ha! We Love our Teenie Weenie!

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Rachel said...

very nice to have a party for your dog. I'll bet the kids ate it up!