Monday, March 29, 2010

Me and my Peeps....

For FHE tonight we decided to make homemade Peeps. I have seen these before, but when I saw them on "The Idea Room" I Loved how kid friendly she made them. The only change I would make next time would be to add more flavoring. Either more vanilla, maybe some peppermint or something. They were really good, but a little flat flavored. I made the marshmallows earlier today and then tonight we punched out the easter shapes with cookie cutters. Then you wipe either side with a damp paper towel and dip in colored sugar. So easy, so fun. We even made our own colored sugar! Who knew it was so easy?
I had to borrow my neighbors cutters and they were a wee bit complex for the Marshmallows. I will be on the look out for a very simple bunny and chick shapes for next year.
Grey is my sugar addict (wait...... what kid isn't?) He was mesmerized by the 3 bowls of colored sugar. I think they would have had just as much fun licking their fingers and just dipping them into the sugar. (which they did anyway:)
Bunny, Chick, Egg. They still turned out cute.
Mo mainly licked the sugar off her marshmallow and re-dipped to re-coat several times.

Will downed several marshmallows and then we decided that we also had to try the marshmallows in Cocoa. It was so sticky good! We promptly gave Dad a big kiss on the cheek. He didn't even see it coming, it was too good.


PrincessKatie said...

H0ow cute. I miss you adn Mo is growing up and getting to big. We need to get together. How are you feeling?

Rachel said...

So I just think "mo" is SO CUTE, I could just squeeze her (the boys are cute too :) )
What a fun idea. I will definitely be checking out that website!

Nicole Marsh said...

I love peeps! That is awesome that you made them yourself. How fun!!