Friday, January 9, 2009

1 little, 2 little, 3 little stitches

Wow, this morning as I was headed to McDonalds for our weekly play-date, I never would have imagined the day I had ahead of me. I look forward to this day all week. The kids get to run around like maniacs while I get to sit and chat it up with my friends. We got into the play area, I sat mo down on the bench and helped Grey over to the slides. He was a little nervous so I waited for Will to come down the slide to take him up the stairs. He willingly agreed and they took off up the stairs like a flash. We found out today that socks on the feet and plastic play-place stairs do not get along. As Will ran up the stairs, he slipped and hit his head and I heard a cry come out of him that I have never heard before. That is when I knew he was serious. I helped him off the stairs and turned him around and wow, blood...lots of blood..after a quick analysis by every single mother in the place, and a quick call to the best looking pediatrician in the world, we decided that my little man needed stitches. This is where I give a huge shout out to all of my friends at our play group today. HOLLA! You guys are lifesavers! Everyone offered to help and take my kids, you rock! Thanks Nicole for taking my Grey bear home, and Katie and Hailey for totally spoiling him with popsicles and ice cream. I am pretty sure that almost everyone that was there has called to check on us, we feel so loved. I love you all. And now onto the main event, luckily Koe had her camera out in a flash and we were able to get some very sad pics at McD's before we headed up to primary's for stitches.

Will was such a brave little fella. He only cried for a few seconds at McDonalds
He even managed to force a little smile

Will had to show off his sweet hospital identification
I had to post all of his pics because he was being so funny.
He chose this pose himself
This is my favorite, he cracks me up! He now brags that the doctor said he was most perfect patient. The Dr. gave him the big syringe that cleaned his wound, referred to as the "squirt gun" because he was so good. When he got home Uncle Jer asked him where he got it, he said "The doctor gave it to me because I was AWESOME!"
He did not even need to be sedated, he let the doctor go about his business and even laughed at his jokes and thanked him when he was done. It is always good idea to be polite to the man stitchin you up. I think having Dad there helped him stay calm. Bri drew him a picture of what was going to happen and then some sweet pics of Darth Vader to pass the time while his lip was being numbed.
Tonight his lip was a little swollen, but that didn't stop him from chowing down his food at Famous Daves. I am just seriously so proud of my brave little man.


PrincessKatie said...

He sure is a strong big boy. I loved how cute he was when we stopped by. Hailey won't stop talking about him adn how she is so sad he got hurt. I hope he gets feeling better soon. Also I have to say I loved when he told me the doctor said he was a perfect patient. He is such a cute sweet boy ANd of coruse you know I love MO and Grey too. They are so cute and Grey was so fun to watch play while you were gone! We missed you cant' wait till next week. We hope you can come and no letting your kids wear socks k?

Ginger said...

Wow, I'm glad I missed the scary part. By the time I got there he was calm as can be. That is one tough and brave kid you have there.

miranda said...

Oh my goodness, what a brave little dude! Be sure to give him extra smooches from his auntie. Love you guys.

Ambyr said...

Crazy day! I missed it again because I tend to forget. He will have a lovely scar that is just like Austin's, he got stitches there over Memorial day weekend. It's crazy how much the face and the mouth bleed!! :)

Carlie said...

My goodness- your kids are getting quite the track record for having facial wounds! Good thing the (how did you put it?) best looking pediatrician in the world was there to help you through it! Hope nothing happens to Mo in the future! We'll keep our fingers crossed! Will is adorable and awesome!

Heather said...

That was so sad!!! I can't beleive how brave he was, and how calm you were when it happened! You're a rock, Toni!

Jenn J. said...

What a tough, little stud! Way to go! I'm glad he's doing great. Famous Daves?! YUM!!!

Jon, Britt, and CJ said...

OH MY! I haven't "blogged" lately and I had no idea that Will got hurt at the play date! Poor little guy. I think this one may top Grey's massive goose egg. I shutter to think of the tragedies in my future. I just love how he poses for you... too funny.