Friday, January 23, 2009

Poor air quality never looked so good

While we were out at my parents this past weekend, it felt so reminiscent of childhood during the winter. The inversions are an everyday thing during the winter and it can be foggy for weeks at a time. It can get a little old when you have to deal with it everyday, but I had forgotten how beautiful it can be. All the fog and moisture that would dust the trees, bushes and grass always looked so amazing and I was fascinated with it as a kid and had to snap a few pics for old times sake. Oh, and I just posted this pic of Teenie because she is cute.These trees are in my parents yard
These are just up the street a bit, but I have always loved them, but look out, there is usually an ice patch here during the winter.

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Nicole said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! That is awesome that you found something good out of something annoying.